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Flashnote Derby is a fun way for kids to learn and practice reading music notes.

Each race is a timed test in which the student identifies different notes in order to urge their horse on towards the finish line. Answering quickly and correctly will cause their horse to gain ground, while incorrect answers will cause it to fall behind. At the end of each race, students can review the notes they missed and see the correct answers.

Players can respond to flashcards by simply playing the note on their acoustic or MIDI instrument. They can also choose to answer by tapping letter buttons or playing a key on an on-screen piano.

The game is fully customizable to allow for any desired notes in the treble, bass, alto, or tenor clefs to be included. You can select ranges of notes, or several individual notes to focus on specific areas that need work. Notes can be shown with sharps and flats and key signatures can even be added to increase the challenge for more advanced students. The amount of time the player is given for each flashcard can be increased or decreased depending upon their age and level of experience.

Drills can start out simply, with only a handful of notes, and gradually be made more challenging until the full staff is mastered (up to five and a half ledger lines above or below the staff.) The more difficult the settings, the more points are awarded. The 'high score' is tracked so that players always have a goal to shoot for.

As a bonus, over a dozen instructional video lessons are easily accessible from right inside the app! Even children with no prior music instruction can start using Flashnote Derby right away to begin learning about the music alphabet, the staff, and how to identify different notes.

Because it can be set up so quickly, Flashnote Derby provides a perfect motivational tool for music teachers to use with students, even for just a minute or two of each lesson. Teachers have the ability to email homework assignments to their students for them to play on their own devices at home. Each player's performance is recorded so that their progress can be tracked. You can easily see which notes are most in need of review.

When students give up on their music lessons, it's usually because they find it too difficult. Learning basic skills early is key to laying the groundwork for future success. Flashnote Derby makes this process more enjoyable and helps students stay motivated in their music learning.

Sometimes it takes only a little extra effort to make the difference between success and failure. Download Flashnote Derby and get on the road to music reading mastery today!

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Version History

Launched Aug 03, 2011 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Jul 25
Version 3.2.2

Improved pitch detection...
Game sounds are better muted to allow for more accurate pitch detection.
Users can be sorted alphabetically for studios with a large number of students.
Other minor miscellaneous bug fixes.

Nov 09
Version 3.2

Two brand new themes are included for free in version 3.2 of Flashnote Derby.
Ecliptic Encounter turns the horse race into a space battle and should be especially appealing to slightly older students.
Pretty Pegasus swaps out the horses for Pegasus...es(?). It takes place high above the clouds and has gentler sound effects and soothing graphics.

For music teachers managing studios or classrooms or multiple devices, device cloning has been added which allows you to copy a set of users and preset drills to multiple devices quickly and easily.

Dec 10
Version 3.1.2

Now works with iPad Pro 10.5"! No more crashes when launching.

Dec 04
Version 3.1.1

• iPhone X users- Flashnote Derby now works with your phone!
• Now answer flashcards by playing your TRANSPOSING instrument. For instance, playing a middle C on a b-flat trumpet will be correctly interpreted as a C. Lots of different transposition intervals are supported.
• If you choose the Reindeer Race theme, your preference will be remembered the next time you launch the app.

Nov 10
Version 3.1.0

Version 3.1 of Flashnote Derby is here!
• Sharps and flats can be added to any note. Simply tap and hold on a note to bring up the options.
• One or more key signatures can be chosen for note drills. Notes must be played correctly according to the displayed key signature.
• Teachers can link their device to the device(s) their student uses at home. Are your students really practicing their notes as much as they say? Track minutes practiced as well as which notes are drilled and the success rates.
• Sending preset drills to students is easier. Start typing the student's name and Flashnote Derby will try to fill-in their email address from your Contacts. And now you can send the same drill to multiple students at the same time.

Get up to date with all that's new by visiting support.FlashnoteDerby.com

May 16
Version 3.0.2

Minor update with fixes for iOS 8 users
• Play to answer ("listen" mode) works again for users on iOS 8.1+
• The start button, which had disappeared from some iPad models on iOS 8, has reappeared!

Mar 17
Version 3.0.1

MIDI is working again!
If you were having difficulties using your MIDI keyboard to answer note flashcards, this should fix the issue. Please report any odd MIDI behavior to support@flashnotederby.com or visit support.flashnotederby.com for the latest info.
Also, Northern European nomenclature (H instead of B) is available in non-US regions.

Jan 05
Version 3.0

*** NEW YEAR - NEW FEATURES for Flashnote Derby ***
• Play it to answer...on your acoustic or MIDI instrument.
• Student progress reports! Track which notes need review and total time practiced.
• Updated graphics and 'friendlier' sound effects.
• Grand staff flashcards for piano students.
• Simplified note chooser. Keep the staves you need at the ready.
• Highest C now an option (for flute students!)

Make the most of your Flashnote Derby experience with tips and tricks at http://support.flashnotederby.com

Nov 11
Version 2.1.5

Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Added language support for Chinese and Russian.

Jan 28
Version 2.1.0

Solfege syllables (fixed Do, where C always equals Do) is now an option for responding to flashcards.

Support for Japanese and German languages

Dec 30
Version 2.0.0

Introducing the biggest update to Flashnote Derby ever! Three big new features that you've been asking for:

1. Expanded range- now drill notes up to FIVE ledger lines above and below the staff. (Especially helpful for flute students!)

2. Inclusion of alto and tenor clefs- finally our viola and cello playing friends get a little love.

3. Presets- save a frequently used drill as a preset. All the notes in the drill can be called up with the touch of a button.

Plus, teachers will love the improved ability to e-mail specific drills to their students which can then be saved as a preset on their devices. It is also now possible to reset the high score to zero, which can be helpful in group teaching situations.

Lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements, including support for the 4 inch retina screen of the iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s.

Nov 14
Version 1.5.1

*** Full list of shiny new features in this version ***

• In addition to using letter buttons to answer, you can now use an on-screen piano keyboard.

• Option to turn off all sound effects

• The settings window has been redesigned to look nicer and include the new game options.

• When student loses a race, a kinder message (Try Again) is displayed.

• Improved performance with iOS 6.

• Instead of horses and jockeys, for the months of November, December, and January, you can race with reindeer and elves!

*** Please note that this version of Flashnote Derby requires iOS version 4.3 or greater. If you have an older device, check to see that it meets or exceeds this requirement.

Have a suggestion for the next update to Flashnote Derby? Drop me a line at www.FlashnoteDerbyApp.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Mar 12
Version 1.2

For music students:

Flashnote Derby now comes with easy access to a dozen instructional videos from right inside the app! Students can learn about the music alphabet and the music staff and then start memorizing actual music notes. The music staff is broken into small sections of four or five notes to make memorization easier, and there is a corresponding note drill to go along with each lesson. Even children who have had no prior musical instruction can use Flashnote Derby to start learning about notes on the staff.

For music teachers:

Teachers now have the ability to send specific note drilling assignments from the app itself. Simply set up the drill the way you want it for your student and click the mail icon. They will receive an email with a link that configures their copy of Flashnote Derby with the exact same settings. No more explaining to parents what notes you want their child to practice at home. Simply send them an email that allows them to practice the exact drill you had in mind for them.

Sep 16
Version 1.1

Flashnote Derby now works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

Other improvements:

In addition to the score, the total number of correct answers is shown.
Smoother animation.
Fixed a bug where the winner was not correctly determined in a 'photo-finish'.

Aug 03
Version 1.0

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