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Based on the phenomenally successful book Wreck This Journal by author and illustrator Keri Smith, Wreck This App brings creativity and chaos right to your fingertips.

Wreck This App helps you tap into your creative side in an entirely new way: by exploring your best mess-making and destructive abilities. Guided by more than 70 prompts, you can use an assortment of tools to deface photos, scribble wildly, drip ink across your screen, shatter your drawings, and more. If you like to color outside the lines, you’ve found the right app.

The app features:
- An array of drawing tools to scribble, spray-paint, smear, distort, type, shatter, and destroy
- Illustrations and prompts by bestselling author and illustrator Keri Smith
- Easy sharing tools so you can show off your best work

Apple has featured Wreck This App in New & Noteworthy.

Publishers Weekly calls the app “hours of fun… A really successful example of an experience based on a book that includes things neither a print book not an e-book could do.” Good E-Reader recommends Wreck This App “for grown-ups who want to channel their inner-children during the morning commute by letting the creativity ooze from their app-enabled devices.”

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Version History

Launched Jul 11, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Dec 22
Version 2.3

Version 2.3 fixes a bug that prevented users from changing the tool color and simplifies sharing

May 13
Version 2.2

Version 2.2: Minor bug fixes to improve performance

Mar 07
Version 2.1

Minor bug fixes

Jul 10
Version 2.0

A major update for all Wreck This App fans! The new version of Wreck This App has new drawing tools, new prompts, and a redesign that will help you unearth your creativity even faster. And it makes sharing easier than ever, too. Discover new ways to wreck with a spray-paint tool and a distort tool. Explore improvements to the shatter and hole-punch tools, and mix your own color to save for later.

This update to Wreck This App includes:

- New tools, including crayon, spray-paint can, and distort tools
- Updated hole-punch and shatter tools
- Ability to develop and store a custom color
- 8 new prompts
- Revised user interface, including a new color palette, a new tool menu, new social media sharing options, and an improved table of contents
- A redo button
- Retina display support
- A new icon

Sep 16
Version 1.4

Easily post directly to Instagram and Tumblr directly from the App

Feb 20
Version 1.3

- Introducing "Shatter" functionality
- Additional prompts

Dec 22
Version 1.2

* Fixed bug with camera.

Oct 03
Version 1.1

-additional prompts
-increased stability

Jul 11
Version 1.0

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