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This app has one purpose: to help you memorize the books of the Bible for quick reference in church, witness, and your own study time.

=== INTRO ===
There are over 70 "level" selections so that you may start at any area of the Bible you want to improve -- each book is a level plus expert levels. With the exception of some Expert Mode levels, there are only slight variations between levels (see Game Play) to aid in memorization.

=== ABOUT ===
The Bible contains 66 books, split into the Old Testament and the New Testament. This app is a fun way for you and your family to learn where each book is located, so you will be able to find Bible references faster. Great for any experience level—from beginners to pastors—it can help make your study times more productive and rewarding. If you are a student, whether you homeschool or are headed to seminary, this is a perfect addition to your Bible study toolbox.

Do you really know your Bible books as well as you think you do? Give this app a try—you might surprise yourself at what you do (and don't) remember! What a great way to better connect to God's Word.

=== GAME PLAY ===
Books of the Bible appear several at a time in a drag-and-drop list, starting with the first book, Genesis, and continuing on through the last book, Revelation. Or, choose to begin at any book—you can even go in reverse direction! The list is shuffled and your job is is to put them back in the correct order. When all of books in the list are in the correct order, you will advance to the next level. The first book in the list will be dropped, and the next book will be added. When you reach the last book, Revelation, you're now ready for one of the Expert Modes! Well done!

=== SCORING ===
The game rewards you for knowing what you're doing -- and grace when you don't! You get 100 grace points for each correct answer at the start of the level, 90 points for each partially correct answer on the first move, 80 points on the second move, and so forth. Fewer moves may give you a higher score for that level. Your score is "banked" after each level.

=== HINTS ===
The list of items will indicate when they are dropped in the correct order. The name of the book will appear red when out of order. Additionally, the game will show hints for partially correct sequences.

Skip around to specific sections of the Bible, from the Books of Law to the Pauline Epistles to Books of Prophecy, it's easy to switch to a different area of the Bible or retry a level for more practice. You can choose to begin at any book—you can even go in reverse direction! Quickly switch between levels by choosing Select Level.

New in this version, there are four (4) expert modes to choose from: Old Testament nonconsecutive, New Testament nonconsecutive, Both Testaments nonconsecutive, and reverse direction. The nonconsecutive modes will skip over random books and you'll have to judge their order in relation to each other. Reverse direction mode reverses the level order, so that you'll start on the Revelation level and end in the Genesis level!

=== FEEDBACK ===
The developer loves to receive—and listens to—your feedback! Please use the Contact Developer Support button to email your bugs and feature requests for future updates.

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Version History

Launched Jul 07, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 months, on average.

Jan 21
Version 3.0

Updated for the newest iOS and devices.

Oct 01
Version 2.1.5

Updates for latest iOS release and bug fixes.

Apr 18
Version 2.1.1

Fixed issue with crash on expert mode.

Apr 16
Version 2.1

New Hints Algorithm
Improved Scoring
Bug Fixes
More Awesomeness (64-bit support)

Sep 18
Version 2.0

Now with over 70 levels to choose from
Including 4 "Expert" modes with random, nonconsecutive books and reverse direction!
Practice on Old Testament, New Testament, or Both!

Jul 23
Version 1.3

Performance enhancements
Improvements to in-game menu
Bug fix

May 12
Version 1.2

Based on your Feedback:
Multiple Players
New Player Select Home Screen
New Menu Between Levels

Save game data for up to four players. After each level you can choose Home, Select Level, Retry Level, or Continue. When upgrading, your current game will be saved to the first player.

Apr 02
Version 1.1

Level Selection
Retry Level Option
Improved Scoreboard
Faster startup
New startup graphics
Bug fixes

Jul 08
Version 1.0

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