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Put campus in your pocket with the Ohio State app!

• Real-time bus tracking
• Class schedules and grades
• Complete campus building directory
• Parking garage listing with current capacity information
• BuckID account balances and transaction history
• Student statement of account
• Advisors and notes
• Dining locations and menus
• Course catalog search
• Buckeye athletics: news and schedules for every varsity sport
• Library listing
• Free, official ringtones
• Faculty, staff, and student directory search
• Apple Watch app with class schedules, buses, and BuckID balances
• Class schedule and parking garage today widgets
• Academic calendar
• A comprehensive listing of student organizations
• Siri shortcuts for BuckID balances, upcoming classes, and bus stop predictions
• Gender inclusive restroom listing
• Lactation room listing
• A listing of merchants that accept BuckID
• Information about safety on campus

As always, if you have suggestions for improving the app or notice any bugs, please use the contact form within the app. We love to hear from our users!

Go Bucks!

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Version History

Launched Jul 02, 2011 (almost 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 13 days, on average.

Jun 24
Version 2019.6.2

• Fixed a case where the classes widget wouldn't load.
• Other bug fixes.

Jun 14
Version 2019.6.1

• Added the ability for alumni to update their contact information.
• Added pinch to zoom to gallery components.
• Improved feedback screen and updates to iPad layout.

May 13
Version 2019.5.1

• Fixed dining list to show type of restaurant
• Updated the BuckID merchant detail screen
• Fixed library detail screen to allow tapping on the address cell
• Fixed favoriting a student organization in the large list
• Split settings out into discrete screens for location services, push notifications, and biometric authentication
• Improvements to the final grades screen
• Improvements to filtering class search results
• Other bug fixes and improvements

Apr 26
Version 4.7.6

• Fix for favoriting bus stops
• Fix for a random crash on buses
• Fix for a crash on Apple Watch
• Fixes for Siri Shortcuts

Apr 22
Version 4.7.5

• Fixed a bug in search results for find people

Apr 17
Version 4.7.4

• Fixes for crashes in athletics.
• Fixed a bug that prevented features from working in search results for people.

Apr 15
Version 4.7.3

• Added alumni clubs and societies
• Bug fixes

Mar 22
Version 4.7.2

• Bug fixes

Mar 20
Version 4.7.1

• Bug fixes

Mar 16
Version 4.7

• Improvements to the For You section
• Temporarily removing parking lot capacity information until CampusParc restores the service
• Bug fixes for miscellaneous crashes

Feb 21
Version 4.6.17

• Fixed a bug that was causing all of the buses to show up when looking at a single stop.

Feb 19
Version 4.6.16

• Bug fixes

Feb 16
Version 4.6.15

• Bug fixes and optimizations

Feb 02
Version 4.6.14

• Bug fixes

Jan 28
Version 4.6.13

• Bug fixes

Jan 17
Version 4.6.12

• Bug fixes

Jan 14
Version 4.6.11

• Added a screen to the More tab to show how to use the iMessage stickers that come with the app. Check it out!
• Fixed the behavior of the weekly calendar so that it will show the course description if there's enough room.
• We discovered a bug that was causing favorite bus stops to be forgotten. This update may wipe them out one last time, but going forward will hang onto them through future app updates and any potential server problems.

As always, if you have any feature requests or notice any bugs please use the feedback form in the app!

Jan 07
Version 4.6.10

• Temporarily reverting titles back to their shorter form on the weekly calendar so that times stay visible.

Dec 30
Version 4.6.9

• Redesign for iPad.
• Improvements to search.
• Added gender inclusive restrooms.
• Added lactation rooms.
• Fixed a bug that prevented pinch to zoom from working in buses.
• Added more detail to class schedule views.
• Accessibility improvements.
• Bug fixes

Dec 15
Version 4.6.8

• Redesign for iPad.
• Improvements to search.
• Added gender inclusive restrooms.
• Added lactation rooms.
• Fixed a bug that prevented pinch to zoom from working in buses.
• Added more detail to class schedule views.
• Accessibility improvements.

Nov 29
Version 4.6.7

• Added integrated search to each tab.
• Redesigned buses screen to allow for upcoming features.
• Support for new Watch faces.
• Bug fixes.

Nov 26
Version 4.6.6

• Added integrated search to each tab.
• Redesigned buses screen to allow for upcoming features.
• Support for new Watch faces.
• Bug fixes.

Oct 30
Version 4.6.4

• Fixed a bug that prevented links from being tapped within articles.

Oct 18
Version 4.6.3

• Bug fixes.

Oct 15
Version 4.6.2

• Bug fixes

Oct 11
Version 4.6.1

• Added a voice shortcut to bus stops - pick your favorite stop and ask Siri when the next buses arrive.
• Bug fixes in athletics.

Sep 19
Version 4.6

• Added support for Siri with BuckID balances and upcoming classes.

Sep 07
Version 4.5.16

• Bug fixes on the Campus tab

Sep 06
Version 4.5.15

• Minor fixes to the layout on Campus.

Sep 04
Version 4.5.14

• Fixed a case where activity rows in statement of account would have an incorrect date.
• Reduced network activity when swiping through the weekly calendar.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Aug 15
Version 4.5.13

• Removed Zagster bike sharing.
• VoiceOver fixes on the Buses tab.

Aug 13
Version 4.5.12

• Bug fixes.

Aug 12
Version 4.5.11

• Added support for move-in day information.
• Improved usability of the buses screen.

Aug 08
Version 4.5.10

• Resolves frequent crashes due to using larger font sizes.

Jul 27
Version 4.5.9

• Bug fixes for the Apple Watch app.
• Added BuckID balances to Apple Watch app.
• Accessibility bug fixes for those using larger font sizes.

Jul 13
Version 4.5.8

• Fixing a bug that could cause the interface to lock up, especially on the Campus tab.

Jul 11
Version 4.5.7

• Bug fixes.

Jul 07
Version 4.5.6

• Fixing crashes caused by network operations.

Jul 05
Version 4.5.5

• Fixed a bug that caused a crash on the student organizations screen.

Jun 19
Version 4.5.4

• Bug fix release focused on fixing miscellaneous crashes.

Jun 14
Version 4.5.3

• Improved launch times.
• Added the ability to add events to any device calendar.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes to prevent crashes.

May 31
Version 4.5.2

• Fixed a bug that prevented widgets and the Watch app from showing upcoming classes.

May 31
Version 4.5.1

• Fixes a crash when securing the app via FaceID.

May 29
Version 4.5

• Fixing a common crash.

May 24
Version 4.4.9

• Renamed "My OSU" to "For You" to match the Discover iPad app.
• Added orientation schedules to the For You section.
• Many bug fixes for miscellaneous crashes.

Feb 09
Version 4.4.8

• Improved support for shuttles on the Buses screen.
• Bug fixes for common crashes.

Jan 18
Version 4.4.7

• Fixed a bug that caused the classes widget to incorrectly state that you weren't logged in.

Jan 17
Version 4.4.6

• Fixes several common crashes and resolves some UI glitches.

Jan 04
Version 4.4.5

• Fixes a bug that caused the weekly calendar view to show Sunday as the start of the week on iOS 10.
• User interface improvements.

Jan 03
Version 4.4.4

• Added a widget for surface lots.
• Accessibility improvements.
• Fixed a bug that blocked the interface after adding your class schedule to the system calendar.
• Fixed a bug that prevented classes from showing up correctly on the weekly class view.

Dec 20
Version 4.4.3

• Updated the campus screen to show surface lot percentages inline.
• Updated the surface lot percentage screen with appropriate colors depending upon how full the lot is.

Dec 18
Version 4.4.2

• Added surface lot parking capacity for Carmack and Buckeye lots.
• Fixed broken class schedule widget.
• Minor updates to buses and safety sections.

Nov 08
Version 4.4.1

• Updated the find people view for better usability.
• Bug fixes on the bus view to prevent messages from overlapping the map.
• Fixes for various crashes.

Nov 01
Version 4.4

• Updated the bus view to allow for consistent filtering of routes across all views and allowing for you to set favorite bus stops.
• Fixed a bug that caused a crash while exporting the weekly calendar on iPad.
• Fixed crashes related to loading building images.
• Improved accessibility of SEI forms.
• Updated Watch app with new brand new interface.

Oct 04
Version 4.3.5

• Fixed a crash when trying to change push notification settings.
• Fixed a crash when trying to save the weekly calendar to the photo roll.
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Oct 02
Version 4.3.4

• Bug fixes

Sep 29
Version 4.3.3

• Minor UI tweaks on the bus screen.
• Bug fixes.

Sep 27
Version 4.3.2

• Fixed a crash on attempting to change the favorite status on parking garages.
• Fixed other, less visible crashes.

Sep 25
Version 4.3.1

• Driving and walking directions to a building now appear in-app
• Improved layouts for a few views on iPad
• Fixes for various crashes

Sep 18
Version 4.3

• Updated for iOS 11.
• Reworked views to support the newest devices.

Sep 05
Version 4.2.13

• Bug fixes to address various crashes.

Aug 31
Version 4.2.12

• Fixed a crash on app launch.

Aug 29
Version 4.2.11

• Updated the weekly view of classes to allow you to swipe through the year.
• Weekly class view now shows a screen with class details when you tap on the individual meeting.

Aug 24
Version 4.2.10

• Removed the building number from the building detail screen
• Added a listing for classes within a particular building on the building detail screen

Aug 20
Version 4.2.9

• Bug fixes to support push notification routing.

Aug 18
Version 4.2.8

• Fix for crash when trying to save weekly calendar view to the camera roll.
• Better handling of device rotation on map views.

Aug 16
Version 4.2.7

• Fix for empty weekly view calendar
• Bug fixes

Aug 09
Version 4.2.6

• Bug fixes for crashes on launch.

Aug 04
Version 4.2.5

• Improvements to the campus map
• Bug fixes for various crashes

Jul 28
Version 4.2.4

• Fixed a crash on the search screen
• Fixed display bugs related to buses

Jul 26
Version 4.2.3

• Bug fix for bus view to prevent the map from disappearing.

Jul 25
Version 4.2.2

• Updated many building images
• Bug fixes for Campus screen videos

Jul 17
Version 4.2.1

• Fixed crashes in Statement of Account and athletics

Jul 14
Version 4.2

• Includes information about upcoming transportation and parking changes on campus.
• Ingredients now listed on many dining menu items.
• Added screens showing select parking lots on campus.

Jun 30
Version 4.1.2

• Changed refresh logic and interval for nearby buses.

May 23
Version 4.1.1

• Fixed a bug that was causing a crash on the search screen.

May 22
Version 4.1

• Canvas grades
• Bus view allows for resizing of the nearby bus stop screen
• Car2Go car sharing locations
• Zagster bike sharing locations
• Bug fixes

Apr 12
Version 4.0.2

• Prioritized favorite parking garages on the Campus screen.
• Fixed minor bugs in classes, buildings, and dining.

Apr 06
Version 4.0.1

• Fixes a bug that caused nearby buildings on the Campus tab to sort improperly.
• Fixes some layout inconsistencies.

Apr 04
Version 4.0

• Brand new design with an emphasis on the screens that you use most.
• New weekly calendar view of classes.
• New in-app search which simplifies finding buildings, people, classes, and more!
• New Campus tab that makes it easy to see all of the buildings, parking garages, dining locations, and libraries closest to you.

Jan 23
Version 2.13.14

• Updated advising to use the new system implemented by the University.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jan 04
Version 2.13.13

• Fixed a bug which prevented the app from delivering push notifications.

Dec 19
Version 2.13.12

• Fixed a bug that prevented certain holds from appearing.

Dec 14
Version 2.13.11

• Fixed Carmen grades to show more than just the first course.
• Fix for crash on SEI screen.

Dec 06
Version 2.13.10

• Updated bus view to have more reasonably sized stop and bus labels.
• Restored proper labels when there are no buses heading towards a bus stop.
• Fixed a crash on the BuckeyeMail configuration screen.

Dec 05
Version 2.13.9

• Layout and bug fixes for SEI.
• Updated UI on several screens in the app in preparation for a big update early next year.
• Fixes for crashes caused by background tasks.

Nov 02
Version 2.13.8

• Bug fixes in dining, libraries, and OHIO photos
• Renamed some buttons for better usability

Oct 28
Version 2.13.7

• Reduced memory footprint of buildings screen.
• Fixed a bug that prevented bus routes from showing.

Oct 21
Version 2.13.6

• Fix a condition that would prevent routes from showing after upgrading to a new device.
• Fixed a recurring crash on the home screen.
• Adjusted loading of building images to prevent crashes.

Oct 17
Version 2.13.5

• Fixed duplicates in Carmen course listing.

Oct 10
Version 2.13.4

• Carmen grades should now stay visible.

Sep 28
Version 2.13.3

New Features
• Added taptic feedback for devices that support it.

Accessibility Fixes
• Fixed labels on the iOS 10 sticker pack.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug that was preventing users from turning off the daily classes notification.
• Fixed a bug that was causing garages to show without percentages and without the ability to favorite them on some devices.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the app from refreshing data.
• Fixed a bug that made it difficult to enable push notifications in the Settings module after enabling system push for our app.

Sep 23
Version 2.13.2

• Fixed walking directions
• Fixes for intermittent crashes

Sep 22
Version 2.13.1

• Fixed crash in athletics.
• Fixed crashes related to class schedule.
• General improvements to user experience on older devices.

Sep 15
Version 2.13

• Bus map now has heading information so you can see which direction the CABS buses are going on each route.
• Search from the iOS home screen for buildings, dining locations, sporting events, and more!
• iOS 10 sticker pack.
• Improved first launch experience.
• Updated Apple Watch app.

Aug 30
Version 2.12.7

• Fixes a bug that prevented the class schedule from loading dates and times properly.

Aug 16
Version 2.12.6

• Bug fixes

Jul 20
Version 2.12.5

• Added a section to the home screen that displays your upcoming class to make it easier to figure out where you need to go next.

May 16
Version 2.12.4

• Fixed a potential crash on app launch.
• Fixed a crash on the grades screen.

May 13
Version 2.12.3

• Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash after viewing the Dining section.
• Fixed a bug that listed incorrect stop names on the Nearby Buses screen.

May 11
Version 2.12.2

• Fixing crashes

May 09
Version 2.12.1

• Fixed crashes in athletics, BuckID, locations, dining, grades, and holds caused by data being updated in the background.
• Removed a filter on news that was preventing new items from showing up.
• Added a way to mark parking garages as favorites from the full list.
• Improved handling of push notifications while the app is active.
• Improved search in the building list so you can look up specific building numbers and codes.
• Fixed a bug in buses which caused the map to display zoomed in so far that no routes showed.
• Fixed some memory leaks that were ultimately causing the app to crash.

Apr 18
Version 2.12

• New dining module! See menus and nutrition facts for select locations across campus.
• Fix for crash on building list
• Fix for crash on map
• More 3D Touch support

Apr 08
Version 2.11

• New Today View widget for parking garages! Mark a few as favorites and swipe down from Notification Center to see their status at a glance.
• Added a setting to allow you to turn off Carmen grades history on the home screen.
• Fixed a rare crash in BuckID and Advising.
• Fixed the search filter on the building list.
• Optimizations to app launch time.
• Changed "What's New" so you can ignore it if you want to.
• Added 3D Touch support to Athletics links.

Feb 29
Version 2.9.5

• Fixed a bug that prevented SEI from showing.
• Bug fixes for buses on iOS 8.
• Updated building detail screen.
• Today widget for classes.

Feb 22
Version 2.9.3

New features:
• View your class schedule on Apple Watch 

Based on user feedback we've made the following changes:
• Separated grades and schedule into separate modules
• Updated the building detail screen
• More information in Find People results

Additional improvements:
• Bug fixes for push notifications
• Better bus polling
• Bug fixes in athletics, holds, and buses
• Updates to many views to improve accessibility

Oct 20
Version 2.9.1

• Updated buses module: place multiple routes on the map and place pins for the buildings where your classes are at.
• Updated map in locations module: see parking garages with capacity, bank and ATM locations, and pins for your classes.
• Support for Touch ID and 3D Touch on compatible devices.
• Bug fixes, including a correction for one that caused crashes on iOS 8 when users tapped on the home screen feature.

Sep 29
Version 2.9

• Bug fixes
• Support for iPad Multitasking

Sep 08
Version 2.8.4

• Bug fixes

Aug 21
Version 2.8.3

• Bug fixes for library locations, buses, and events

Aug 12
Version 2.8.2

• Bug fixes

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