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Do you have the Golden touch?
Play Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling and rack up those golden pins! If you're looking for a bowling game that will exceed your expectations, THIS is the bowling game to play!

A true bowling game with awesome graphics and amazing pin physics.
Clean & crisp throwing action lets you spin your bowling ball like a pro.
Golden Pins are earned for bowling well. Use them to unlock new alleys, bowling balls, 3 unique power ups, and customizable bowling balls.
Awesome Power Ups, including Da BOMB, The SPLITTER, and the INFLATOR.

Make your own bowling ball using built in textures and overlays. Increase the Speed and Spin! Change the color. Add your own photos. Make it shiny or dull. Make it reflective. Add Particle Effects. Attach one of 24 unique bling items.

• Incredible bowling alleys and fantastic bowling balls
House, Style and Effect bowling balls to unlock, each more awesome than the last.
• Customizable bowling balls. Add photos or choose from built in art. Apply a second layer with decals.
• Bowlers who spin the ball like a pro can earn up to 3x multiplier on their Golden Pins
• Game Center enabled with 8 Leaderboards and 40 bowling achievements

• 1 Free Lane - Retro!
• 7 Bowling Alleys to unlock - Vegas, Mineshaft, Barnyard, Cosmic, Lotus Lane, Ice Dragon, and Jungle
• Dozens of Unlockable Bowling Balls
• 2 Free Bombs, 2 Free Splitter, 2 Free Inflator Powerups!

The original Gutterball 3D bowling game premiered in 2002. It reached #1 on many portals and stayed in Real Arcade's Top 10 for an unprecedented 54 weeks. Gutterball 2 arrived in 2004 with all-new crazy bowling alley designs, much improved visuals and physics, and new features galore. And now, in 2011, Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling is all-new and ready to go! We think it's the finest bowling game on the App Store and we've played them all.

You be the judge... is this Gutterball the best bowling game ever?

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Version History

Launched Sep 01, 2011 (about 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

May 01
Version 1.3.1

• Removed "Development Build" setting in game. Should increase performance slightly and result in a smaller app size.

Apr 27
Version 1.3.0

Game upgraded to prepare for Apple dropping 32bit device support.
Unsupported 32bit devices: iPhone 5c and below, first generation iPad Mini, iPad 4 and below.

Performance Improvements!
• Fixed hop before ball hits the pins.
• Fixed stuttering on the first thrown ball.
• No more dialog claiming the game might slow down the device.
• New sharing options for the Main Menu and end of game.
• Added feedback button in the settings menu to get in touch with us directly.
• Updated lighting in many alleys and quality of some graphics.

Feb 07
Version 1.2.0

!!! Fixed the dreaded black screen issue when running in iOS8. !!!
Update now and once again enjoy the sound of strikes and golden pins!!

• A new alley set deep in the jungle is waiting to be played. Beware the Stone Monkey!
• Better lighting in Mineshaft Alley and new and improved graphics.
• Facebook and Twitter functionality have returned.
• Minor improvements to pin action. We at Skunk have really enjoyed playing this build.

Feb 21
Version 1.1.9

Game is now iOS7 compatible!
Fixed Store issue

Feb 05
Version 1.1.8

Most important:
Removed issues that prevented game from launching. This meant stripping out Facebook and Twitter. We will work to get those back in with a future update but our priority was to get the game running again.

We believe we have fixed the first frame stutters when bowling in the first to throws that was present in previous version.

Sep 12
Version 1.1.7

Fixed game locking up when the camera follows the ball and freezes at the end of the lane. :)

Aug 31
Version 1.1.6

☆ All New Pro Shop for customizing up to six unique bowling balls with a background layer, a second texture over that much like a sticker and more.

* 24 Custom Particle effects that can be purchased with * Golden Pins and added to your bowling ball.
* 60 Backgrounds images
* 52 Stickers
* 24 Unique Particle Effects add flavor to your throw.
* 24 Bling Items like a Golden Halo, a Top Hat, a Samurai Helmet and more!
* Import your own photos to use as a background and/or a 2nd image as a sticker that can be masked with any of the 52 built in stickers. (Note: a mask allows a texture or photo to be shaped like a heart, a circle or any of the 52 Stickers)
* Tiling of images: both image layers can be a single scalable image or they can be tiled to repeat around the ball many times.
* Color, shine and and reflection can also be adjusted for the background and the stickers. This just means more control over the look of your ball.
* Alignment: drag the background and stickers around to reposition them on the ball.

☆ Since you can create your own custom bowling ball we also added the ability to share a snapshot of your creation through email, facebook or twitter. (NOTE: Skunk Studios respects your privacy. We do not have access to any of your private information and we DO NOT ask for it. We value our players highly and would never share your information, even if we had it.) We want to make games and hope you want to play them. We have provided these features to help you stay in touch with your friends and hopefully help us get more people bowling. :)

☆ Implemented RSS feeds for News, Shop, and Twitter. Click the the skunk holding the “News and Stuff” sign to see what’s new and see what else we have to offer.

☆ Integrated feedback and bug reporting through Crittercism. Now, if you have a problem or a suggestion for Gutterball you can reach us directly. We made a lot of changes in this version and now you can help us make it better.

May 23
Version 1.1.5

☆ 4 Extra Alleys to Unlock ☆
☆ Tilt Steering control available to unlock ☆
☆ Facebook and Twitter connectivity ☆
☆ New and improved particle effects ☆
• Fixed annoying crash issue reported in the previous FREE version •

Oct 23
Version 1.0.2

☆ Bowling Statistics
☆ Improved Player system

Sep 16
Version 1.0.1

☆ Slimmed down filesize to load over 3G
☆ Bug fixes

Sep 01
Version 1.0.0

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