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Certain situations demand dramatic music. Now you have it!

Spark up your conversations, stories and banter with the dramatic music that they deserve. The possibilities are endless with the Dramatic Music App(TM). Pull it out at just the right time to make everyone laugh. Highlight dramatic moments in your stories and conversations or use it as an ice breaker for those dull or really awkward ones.

"Whether you're a prankster or just one for dramatic conversation, Dramatic Music App Plus has the soundtrack you need to match just about any occasion." -- AppAdvice.Com

Be the life of the party... all ears will be on you and your dramatic music!

What's in the App?
Dramatic Music App contains multiple, swipable pages that give you everything you need for every type of situation or conversation you may be in: dramatic, funny, nostalgic, beginnings and endings, events, continuous loops of beats, instruments, and, of course, everyone's favorite button: FAIL.

The Music:
Highlighted by different colored pages and crisp, clear imagery, each tune is easy to find, simple to remember and fun to tap every time!

Orange Page (Emotions): Drama, scary, suspense, whimsy, nostalgia, two dramatic endings, two funny endings, a happy ending and fail. Plus clap, cheer, laugh, whistle and boo.

Purple Page (Instruments): Drum roll, cymbal, kazoo, bongos, gong, harmonica, and horn. Plus rimshot, party, bugle, "Charge!" and fiddle.

Green Page (Loops): Funk, dream, heavenly, hip hop, hoedown, children, elevator, chaos and house. Plus tango, salsa, happy, crunk, and rock.

Blue Page (Events): Hallelujah, carnival, on hold, award show, wedding, western duel, game show and R.I.P. Plus timer, buzzer, chaching, royalty, "Tada!"

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Apr 15, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Apr 24
Version 2.6.0

-- Official support for iOS 10!

Oct 22
Version 2.5

-- Updated for iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus

-- Reported "no sound" issues after the app has been in use for a while should be fixed

-- Fixed various other minor bugs

Mar 19
Version 2.1.4

- Fix for Retina iPad.

Aug 10
Version 2.1.2

- Solves a bug with sound not correctly resuming after the app has been put into the background and the phone plays other sound from the iPod, etc.

Jul 31
Version 2.1.1

-- I was finally able to reproduce the illusive and annoying "loading..." into infinity bug; it should be fixed with this update.

Jul 22
Version 2.1

-- Background support! App stays running in the background, double-tap home to get it back. No more long load times each time you want it. Going to hang out? Start it up and have it ready for quick access the next time the right moment comes up. Awesome.

May 27
Version 2.0.2

... Possibly a bug fix for those who have issues on their device. We can't duplicate any sound problems, but we've heard it from a few of you... perhaps this will help.

Apr 26
Version 2.0.1

- Minor fixes and updates

Apr 15
Version 2.0

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