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No need to convert the media files before playing it, GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, DAT,VOB,FLV,WMV ,MKV,MP4,RM,RMVB,HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,RTSP,MMS,SFTP,SMB,MMSH,MMST,RTP,UPnP and UDP etc...
files and streaming directly on iOS devices. Just transfer the media files to your iOS devices by iTunes File Sharing, then it can be played at once.With built-in browser, it is not just a local movie player , it is "Movie Player & Streaming Media Player" in fact. And,iPad 2/new iPad/iPhone 4S dual core CPU decoding is supported.

"The Best Video Player for iPhone..." - Lifehacker.com
"All-round best in class movie player with streaming" - TouchMyApps.com

GoodPlayer in App Store Top 1 Listed:
* France/Italia/Saudi Arabia Entertainment iPad Paid Top 1
* Italia/Croatia Entertainment iPad Grossing Top 1
* Lithuania/Niger/Saudi Arabia Entertainment iPhone Paid&Grossing Top 1
* Estonia/Sri Lanka Entertainment iPhone Grossing Top 1

* Swipe fingers up/down on playing, to change the subtitle or turn off subtitle on the fly (for media files with subtitles)
* Swipe fingers left/right on playing, to change the audio track on the fly (for media files with multiple audio tracks)
* TV out/VGA out support , HDMI TV-out and Video Mirroring support( for iPad & iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4 only)
* Universal, supports iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
* srt,smi,"idx+sub",mkv embedded subtitle supported
* Lots of subtitle language encoding supported
* 24 bits true color, no color information missed
* "Open In" feature supported: open video and audio files from Mail
email attachments and Safari web browser
* 3ga,3gp,aac,amr,ape,asf,asx,avi,cue,dat,dv,f4v,flac,flv,gsm,gxf,hlv,iso,m1v,m2p,m2t,m2ts,m2v,m3u,m4v,m4r,m4a,mka,mkv,mod,moov,mov,mp1,mp2,mp3,mp4,mpa,mpe,mpeg,mpeg1,mpeg2,mpeg4,mpg,mpv,mt2s,mts,mxf,oga,ogg,ogm,ogv,ps,qt,ram,rm,rmvb,tp,ts,vob,webm,wm,wma,wav,wmv,wtv file formats supported
* Subtitle font, font size and font color customization
* goodplayer:// URL scheme
* Auto repeat playback current file switch supported, the default is off.
* Built-in file manager supported: move files from folder to folder inside of app,file,delete,file rename,folder creation,folder delete
* Two full screen modes: "Crop on Fullscreen" and "Fit on Fullscreen"
* Playlist support: every folder is a playlist. Just move the files to a folder, and set the "Settings"-->"Playback"---> "Auto Repeat" to "All Files Loop". During the playback, the files in the folder will be played back one by one automatically.
* iPad 2/new iPad/iPhone 4S dual core decoding supported. Dual-core CPU could be used to decode at the same time.
* Folder password protection
* Left/Right/Stereo Audio Channel selection
* HTTP/FTP WiFi file sharing
* Blocker for iTunes Sync file backup
* SMB/ CIFS/Samba browse/streaming supported
* UPnP/WebDAV/SFTP supported
* AirPlay supported

Notice: no DTS audio support! AC-3 audio supported (iOS 9.3 or later needed)

Contacts information:
1. Support site: http://hustmobile.com/goodplayer/
2. Email: service@hustmobile.com

Reviews from customers:

"First of all I would like to congratulate you on making an excellent product!
I have tested quite a few of the various play-all formats media
players in the App store, but the picture quality, sharpness and depth
of field of the GoodPlayer is so far the best video player.
Much better than other players ... , to name but a few." - Richard

"Media player replacement
Works very well for its intended purpose. Love being able to watch
stuff that I couldn't put on my iPhone before." - Goblu57

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Feb 02, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jun 04
Version 11.2

Bug fixes

May 13
Version 11.1

1. SMB support improved
2. AC-3 audio supported (iOS 9.3 or later needed)

May 06
Version 11.0

AC-3 audio supported (iOS 9.3 or later needed)

Jan 23
Version 10.9

Fix the SMB issue

Dec 16
Version 10.7

SMB/CIFS support improved

Dec 10
Version 10.6

SMB/CIFS support improved

Oct 24
Version 10.5

Bug fixes

Aug 26
Version 10.4

Bug fixes

Aug 18
Version 10.3

Bug fixes

Aug 13
Version 10.2

Support Toshiba AeroCast Wireless HDD

Aug 05
Version 10.1

Bug fix

Jun 05
Version 10.0

HTTP streaming playback supports downloading subtitle automatically. For example, if the played media named "filename.avi”, then the app will try to download "filename.srt", "filename.eng.srt",
"filename.chs.srt" and "filename.eng&chs.srt" subtile files from the HTTP server automatically

May 15
Version 9.9

1 Apple Watch supported. The playing item title will show on the Apple Watch
2 SMB and FTP streaming playback supports downloading subtitle automatically. For example, if the played media named "filename.avi", then the app will try to download "filename.srt", "filename.eng.srt", "filename.chs.srt" and "filename.eng&chs.srt" subtile files from the SMB and FTP server automatically

Mar 04
Version 9.8

“Network Caching Level” setting option added, this setting can set the network buffer size level

Jan 20
Version 9.7

1. 64-bit support added, 64-bit iDevices (iPhone 5S,6,6 Plus and iPad Air,Air 2, Mini 2&3) performance improved
2. Lots of bugs fixed

Nov 24
Version 9.6

1. Output to DLNA/UPnP renderer(DMR, Digital Media Renderer, such as smart TV) supported, now GoodPlayer can work as DLNA Control Point(UPnP Controller)
2. “Reset All Settings” option added
3. iOS 8 support improved

What’s new in last 9.5 update
1. Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen
2. iOS 8 support improved
3. Supports Toshiba wireless storage devices (FlashAir, Toshiba Wireless SSD and Toshiba Wireless Adapter)

Nov 01
Version 9.5

1. Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen
2. iOS 8 support improved
3. Supports Toshiba wireless storage devices (FlashAir, Toshiba Wireless SSD and Toshiba Wireless Adapter)

Oct 06
Version 9.4

Support for iOS 8

Aug 15
Version 9.3

iPod library (Music and Video) playback support improved (GoodPlayer-->Bottom Right button-->iPod library)

Jul 10
Version 9.2

iPod library (Music and Video) playback supported (GoodPlayer-->Bottom Right button-->iPod library)

Jun 12
Version 9.1

1. 0.3-4x Playback Speed adjustment supported. During the media playback, click the playback control information button, then click the bottom “Playback Speed”. This feature is only for software decoding mode.
2. More options added to gestures settings

Apr 21
Version 9.0

1. Chromecast support improved. Add a new setting option “Sync local when Chromecast”, it sets up whether or not the local iDevice media playback is on during chromecasting. The default value is “Off”.

Apr 05
Version 8.9

1. Chromecast support improved. SMB streaming can support Chromecast now.

Apr 03
Version 8.8

1. Chromecast supported, iOS version 6 and later needed for Chromecast support. And Chromecast only supports limited media types supported by Google Cast. Supported Media for Google Cast: https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/media

Mar 15
Version 8.7

AFP(Apple Filing Protocol, AppleTalk Filing Protocol) supported, both downloading and streaming

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