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Language-learning app for preschoolers

Make language come to life!

This intuitive and colorful app for preschoolers is easy to understand through the combination of image and sound. Educational studies have shown that children of a young age are highly receptive to language learning and articulative expression. With LinguPinguin, curious children encounter a playful approach to learning foreign languages.

Nine different visual worlds and a total of ninety funny objects are made available to explore. When tapped, each object comes to life with hilarious animated movements and sounds revealing the spoken word for the object in the native tongue or chosen foreign language. A creative language-learning adventure!

Themes are: animals, transportation, food, body, farm, toys, nature, clothes, and apartment.

With the LinguPinguin Quiz all words are queried that were learned in the game. Up to 8 points may be collected. Depending on your score,  you may be rewarded with a funny animation. This makes learning fun!

Also for adult travelers, tourists or anyone interested in languages, LinguPingu is an amusing tool to get in touch with a foreign language.

The appealing illustrations and quality animations offered in this app were executed by the Elevision team, who offers other educational children apps in the App Store: "BioMio - My Firs Biology App", "PumiLumi - A Hide-And-Seek Adventure" and many others.

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Primary: Games

Secondary: Trivia

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Version History

Launched Jan 17, 2011 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Mar 15
Version 4.2

Fixed bug with wrong sound files being played on some devices

May 08
Version 4.1

optimized for new devices

Nov 13
Version 3.3

- Parental Gate
- Better iOS 7 support

Aug 22
Version 3.0

-IPhone 5 support
-Retina support
-Updated links

Oct 23
Version 2.1.1

- New LinguPinguin Quiz
- New music on/off toggle button
- New title
- Click protection while animations are playing

Sep 01
Version 1.3

-Optimized device recognition
-Minor Bugfixes

Mar 07
Version 1.2.2

- Major performance update
- Marbles replaced by dice
- Reduced volume of background music

Jan 18
Version 1.1

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