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Electrical Formulas is an app for anybody that needs to convert the following:

kVA - Amps - Single and three phase.
Amps - kVA - Single and three phase.

kW - kVA
kVA - kW

Electrical Formulas also has a Voltage Drop calculator and covers both mm2 and AWG cables for both single and three phase supplies.

Electrical Formulas also has a power equation calculator, Select your voltage, then enter either amps or watts to calculate the loading.

 $2.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Feb 28, 2011 (about 8 years ago).
Dec 01
Version 1.2

Updated for iOS 8 & 9 - Sorry for the massive delay!

Mar 29
Version 1.1

Minor update adding a volts remaining feature for volt drop calculator, and adding upto 1000MCM cables.

Mar 01
Version 1.0


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