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Build A Train is the perfect virtual train set for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It's also a universal app – buy once, play on any of your devices. Even better, all future content updates are included FREE in the full version of Build A Train.

PLEASE NOTE: Designed for kids aged 1-6.

What parents are saying:

"I got this for my train-loving 3 year old and he loves it! He loves to build the trains and fly the helicopter and my husband and I love trying to beat each other's scores! Great app!"

"My 5 year old LOVES trains and he really enjoys playing this game. Thanks for the updates. The horn and bell were a big hit."

"Great job with the update. My 6 year old had a great time trying to get enough points to unlock the tracks. My 2 year old loves the horn and the bell. Nice job."

What reviewers are saying:

"Build a Train is an entertaining app for younger children. It would be great for car rides or anytime you want to entertain your children with an imaginative game"
- TUAW.com

Build A Train "...proves that, when it comes to train-themed mobile games, the iOS platform rules the rails."
- Macworld

"Build A Train offers all the fun and excitement of a good old fashioned train set with a few added extras and the best feature of all from a mothers perspective… no mess!"
- theimum.com

"I was amazed at how quickly my 5 year old not only grasped the concept but became completely engrossed in the game. He didn't want to put it down for anything. He has always loved trains and this is the perfect type of app for him. It's challenging but he can still master it. As far as train games go (and well pretty much any kids games to be honest) this one is a big winner in our book! Completely worth the money."
- NowWhatBaby.blogspot.com


Build A Train includes the following features:

»»» Select an engine for your train.
Choose from a variety of styles, colors and design.

»»» Select the cars for your train.
Configure your train as desired -- easy drag-to-reorder functionality gives you full control of your train. Simply double-tap the cars in your train to delete them. Test drive your train in a city environment.

»»» Launch game mode and drive your train. Control the switches on the track to determine where your train goes. Control the speed of your train. Pick-up cargo and collect points. Celebrate by tooting a horn or ringing a bell.

»»» Night mode feature lets you drive your train at night.

»»» Unlockable content. Start with 20 maps to play on and then collect points to unlock new bonus levels for your train including ocean, palace, pyramids, bright lights and volcano.

Want to know more?

*** SEE A VIDEO REVIEW from Apps for Children with Special Needs: http://vimeo.com/21054012

Just search for Build A Train Lite in the App Store.

***Top 10 Educational Game***
***Named What's Hot by Apple***
***TUAW.com App of the Day***

Featured in Free App Magic selection by MagicSolver.

Interested in more features? New engines, more game mechanics or trains? More worlds? QUESTIONS? Let us know by emailing: support@playtend.com

***THANKS for all the feedback.****

Remember -- your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback helps keep quality updates coming!

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Version History

Launched Nov 08, 2010 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Sep 23
Version 9

iOS 11 compatibility updates.

Oct 07
Version 8.11

iOS 8 compatibility.

Sep 27
Version 8.10

Improved child lock feature.

Aug 08
Version 8.02

Bug fix.

Jun 26
Version 8.01

Bug fix.

Jun 21
Version 8.0

New feature:
• Night mode feature lets you drive your train at night

May 07
Version 7.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apr 29
Version 7.0

Build A Train 7.0 features NEW maps:
• Palace - visit a gorgeous palace, play with the elephants
• Pyramids - drive through ancient ruins, interact with desert lizards
• Bright Lights - drive cars through this colorful cityscape
• Volcano - watch out for hot lava!

Feb 06
Version 6.2

NEW map:
• Ocean - drive around in underwater tunnels, with fish and submarines

Nov 28
Version 6.1

iOS 6.0.1 bug fixes

Sep 13
Version 6.0

Build A Train 6.0 features five NEW maps:

• Caves - includes digging for fossils
• Carnival - includes a roller coaster and a carousel
• Swamp - includes interactive crocs
• The Falls - send the pirate ship on adventures
• Moon - includes a space pod and rover

Build A Train now supports English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Jun 27
Version 5.1

Performance enhancement and bug fixes.

Jun 04
Version 5.0

Playtend is proud to reintroduce Build A Train.

The latest version of Build A Train includes new side view train yard scenes and integration with Design A Train. You can now use Design A Train to create your own custom train cars and engines and import them into Build A Train.

The Guys in the Booth & Twistcone are now Playtend.
To learn more please visit us at http://playtend.com

Sep 29
Version 4.0

• New trains, including five new engines and five new train cars

• New maps, PLUS new bonus content including:
- a stadium map with a mini soccer game
- a farming map with a tractor
- a canyon map with a bird you can fly
- an old west map with a horse & carriage

• New & improved help section

• Performance enhancements

Jun 16
Version 3.0

The best virtual train set for your iPhone and iPad just got even better.

Now featuring new maps, new engines, new coaches, AND tons of bonus content to play with including cars, boats, planes, and more helicopters.

Mar 03
Version 2.0

The updated version of Build A Train is just what you've been waiting for - it features new maps, new sounds, and new unlockable content!

Build A Train 2.0 includes four new worlds to explore and is full of other fun including a helicopter, train side views and other surprises.

The update also includes bug fixes, performance optimization and other enhancements - you can even fly the helicopter.


Nov 16
Version 1.0.1

iPad display bug corrected.

Nov 08
Version 1.0

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