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This application was designed for beginner banjo players (who just started to follow the legendary Earl Scruggs or the revolutionary Bela Fleck) in need of some resources, pieces, songs to learn, guitar jamtracks to play along with, hints and tips in learning rolls, and also for guitarists who are interested in learning to play the five string banjo.

••••• "It is truly and excellent learning tool... way easier to follow than a book. All types of learning (visual, audible, hands-on) are encouraged with this fantastic resource."

••••• "Awesome! I have NEVER learned something so demanding so fast with such an enjoyment!"

••••• "Great App for beginning banjo players! Easy to follow, well formatted. It's a nice portable version of an intro book."

With this handy scrolling tab app You can easily learn basic chords, rolls, songs to sing and a few shiny but not-hard-to-play arrangements of pieces like "Tom's Breakdown", "Bill Cheatham", "I Saw the Light" or "Bile'm Cabbage Down". Every new element you learn will be put into practice immediately, and a nice acoustic guitar track backs you up in every exercise and piece.

If you don't want to spend money on your first "entry level" instrument, here's what to do: Turn your guitar into a "practice banjo"!

All you need to do is to remove the E6 string, and then substitute the A string with a high E (E1st) string and tune it up to the high g note (like E1st string at the 3rd fret). Then you tune your original E1st string down a whole note d, then you can play your guitar like a five string banjo. (g, D, G, b,d)


• Easy-to-read tablature system
• Audio track for each tab
• Exercises for strumming, picking, rolls and left-hand techniques
• 7 banjo-pieces utilizing the skills learned from the exercises
• Up-tempo versions of the pieces to listen
• Special electronic tablature book with useful interactive features
• Hands-free autoscroll system
• Scrolling speed adjustment in silent mode
• Three-track audio player
• No automatic sleep when playback is on
• Instant manual tablature scrolling while playback
• NEW! Video supplement for a difficult exercise
• NEW! Pull off left hand technique

Banjo pickers of the World, UNITE! And have fun with this app!

 $3.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Oct 14, 2010 (over 8 years ago).
Dec 08
Version 2.0

• Three-track audio player
• Three-speed tab scrolling
• AirPrint tabs for personal use
• iPad optimized design

Apr 21
Version 1.5

- Pull-of technique exercises
- New video instruction
- Styled text pages
- Minor graphics updates

Oct 14
Version 1.4


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