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With "Kids learning ANIMAL WORDS" just playfully WRITE and READ.
Your child will learn the correct pronunciation and phonetics with the app, just like in school!
In this children's app, playful learning of letters, sounds and words comes first. By the way, your kids learn the meaning of individual letters and the spelling of individual animals. Every letter or sound and even the animal names are auditioned. So even very small children are playfully supported in learning to speak. Properly written words are rewarded with funny animal sounds and small animations.

The game helps your child to develop fine motor skills, to learn and recognize individual letters and sounds, and to speak and spell words.

Playful and curious, your children explore this new fun toy. Quickly, children's first experiences of success set in quickly. Using various settings and aids, you can easily adapt the game to younger or older children. Even babies and toddlers enjoy their funny pictures and sounds and learn quickly when the big ones play.


∙ Learning letters, sounds and words
∙ Ideal for preschool or school beginners
∙ Simple gameplay and faster learning success
∙ Various display modes and levels of difficulty adjustable
∙ Clear, loving design
∙ Funny, simple animations
∙ Great noise


Lernen Learn first letters
∙ write
∙ reading
∙ speak
∙ discover
∙ learning
∙ fine motor skills
∙ knowledge
∙ fun


Heyduda is a small app studio based in Cologne. We developed our first app after the birth of our daughter. Meanwhile, not only some more apps but also new little people have come to it. Our goal is to make just good apps for kids. We do our best to offer our apps error free. Should there be any difficulties, or you have suggestions for improvement and feature requests, please contact us directly under: http://heyduda.de/kontakt/ - only then we can help you!

Please take your time and support us with a positive rating in the appstore.

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Version History

Launched Oct 27, 2010 (almost 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 2 years, on average.

Dec 21
Version 2.0.0

Perfect for school start! "Children learn animals" is completely redesigned:
▪ New, revised, clear design and beautiful graphics
▪ With correct pronunciation and phonetics, just like in school
▪ Choose between English or German!

Jul 20
Version 1.2.0

- Sound issues with iPad2 are now fixed

Did you know? There are many other Apps made with love by Heydooda. You could find them easily, if you search the App Store for the word "Heydooda".

Mar 20
Version 1.0.1

minor bug fixes

Oct 28
Version 1.0.0

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