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A simple, no-frills bible concordance - easy to use, fast and no wireless connection needed! Designed to be quick and easy to use without all the complexity of more feature rich offerings. Easily jump to any verse in the bible and search for any combination of words. Cross-references to related verses are easy to find, just touch the verses with an asterisk (*).

Supports Dynamic Type so the font size changes to match the Dynamic Type settings on your device.

Links to TimBecca's Naves Topical Bible and BibleDict apps for quick lookups if you have these apps installed.

The bible texts are stored on your device, no need for a wireless connection.

Contains two versions of text, the King James Version (KJV) and the World English Bible (WEB). The World English Bible is a public domain Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901 and can be found at http://ebible.org/web/

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Version History

Launched Nov 19, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jan 16
Version 11.3

- A new feature has been added - related verses! Also known as a verse cross reference, look for verses starting with an asterisk (*) which indicates that there are related verses. Touch the reference and the related verses will appear in a popup and you can browse or go directly to those verses.

- Integration with BibleDict and Nave's Topical Bible apps - if you have either of these apps installed on your device you can go directly from FastBible to them to lookup a word. Simply touch and hold on a word in FastBible, when the popup menu appears, scroll to the left and select either of the apps and that app will come up already having searched on the word you selected. You can return to FastBible by touching the top left of your screen.

- Improved rotational support between landscape and portrait modes - the text now stays much closer to the spot it was before the rotation.

Oct 07
Version 11.2

Bug fixes and improvements to better support the iPhone X screen

Oct 06
Version 11.1

Bug fixes

Sep 25
Version 11.0

Bug fixes

Jul 14
Version 10.0

Bug fixes

Feb 19
Version 8.1

On all devices:
-- You can now select to display verses in paragraph form for easier reading
-- You can now select the type and color of the verse reference indicator
-- You can now tap on the left and right edges of the screen to navigate chapters
-- Bug fixes.

Only on iPad devices running iOS 8 or greater:
-- You can now select Multi-column text (like newspaper print) to make for easier reading.

Jan 10
Version 8.0

Bug fixes
Correction of typographical errors

Feb 04
Version 7.1

Minor bug fixes
Correction of typographical errors
Improved text formatting

Oct 31
Version 7.0

Fully supports the look and features of iOS7 including Dynamic Type - text will automatically size to the Dynamic Type setting in iOS 7.

Oct 11
Version 2.0

Added support for iPhone 5's larger screen

Added new text fonts - you can toggle through them with the new Font button and select the one that best suits your taste

Apr 24
Version 1.4

Minor bug fixes

Aug 03
Version 1.3

Bug fixes

Mar 11
Version 1.2

Bug fixes

Dec 20
Version 1.1

-Bug fixes

-Improved Book/Chapter selection options.

Nov 19
Version 1.0

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