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"Skateboard Doodle 3D" allows you to design the graphics for the deck of your own 3D skateboard. You can also make the skateboard perform stunts in response to finger touch tricks.

You can decorate both the top and bottom of the 3D Skateboard deck using photos of, e.g, your beloved ones or drawings of your own.

After applying your design to the 3D skateboard, you can touch to rotate and pose your 3D skateboard so that you can enjoy or export your 3D masterpiece skateboard in virtually any perspective.

"Skateboard Doodle 3D" also has an "Interactive Stunt Mode". The 3D skateboard perform stunts in response to your finger rubbing direction and speed. If you press the "Save" button while the skateboard is stunting in the air, "Skateboard Doodle 3D" will "freeze" the stunting skateboard in the air, capture the moment to Photo Albums, and then resumes the stunting. It's a Fantastic experience you shouldn't miss!

And don't forget that with the photo insertion feature, you can definitely decorate your 3D skateboard using drawings you created from any other special doodle apps!

- Insert photo from Photos Album to compose skateboard art
- Rotate, resize and move the inserted photo anywhere on the skateboard deck
- Sketch with different colors and brush sizes
- Pick virtually unlimited number of color using the RGB sliders, or use the 6 default color buttons for instant color access
- Eraser that allows you to erase even part of the inserted photos
- Create, save and load multiple sets of skateboard designs

- Insert backdrop photo from your Photos Albums
- Touch to rotate and pose your 3D skateboard
- Export the 3D scene to Photo Albums to share

- The 3D skateboard perform stunts in response to you rubbing direction and speed
- Rub on the middle part of the deck to make the skateboard stunt in the air
- Press either end of the skateboard may push the stunting skateboard immediately to the ground and perform another stunt.
- True physics based performance
- Capture the moment when the skateboard is stunting in the air: Press the "Save" button while the skateboard is stunting

- Press the top or bottom views at the top of the screen to enter Design Mode
- While in Design Mode, press the "3D Now" button to apply your artwork and enter 3D Mode
- While in 3D Mode, press the "Stunt" button to enter 3D Interactive Stunt Mode
- While in Stunt Mode, press the "3D Now" button to switch back to 3D Mode

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Version History

Launched Aug 05, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 2 years, on average.

Nov 27
Version 3.0

- Improved compatibility with iOS 10 or later
- Improved graphic display quality and compatibility with retina displays
- Improved saved image quality
- Improved drawing tools

Jan 31
Version 2.2

Version 2.2:
- Bug fixes: improved stability

Dec 01
Version 2.1

Stability improvement.

Nov 30
Version 2.0

- Skateboard Doodle 3D is now universal
- Improved sketching performance on iPhone 4

Aug 05
Version 1.0

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