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Do you like learning about mythical creatures? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Inside you will find an exhaustive list of creatures, monsters, and other legendary beasts. Better yet, your experience is not limited to what we provide, as the application ties directly into web services to provide additional images and other resources so you can continue to explore and learn. Search for keywords, bookmark your favorites, browse images, and have a ton of fun. You might even learn something!

Top Features Include:

- Huge list of over 1200 creatures.
- See images of every single creature.
- Additional creatures will be added by user submission on our web site.
- Browse additional images and even view them full screen.
- Adaptive web server search algorithm provides constantly better image results for base thumbnails.
- Full text search.
- Browse by creature origin.
- Personal favorites list.
- Explore further with integrated creature web searching. No need to leave the application.
- A fully universal application that can be used on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. No need to purchase a separate HD/XL application for your iPad.
- On the iPad the application will work in all orientations. You can hold it any way you like and it will keep up.
- Developed by an experienced programmer. No crashing, memory leak problems, or other annoying experiences.
- A dedicated developer who will add more features and keep improving the application. I love to get suggestions of features.
- A low price. Why pay more money for lesser apps?

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Reference

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Version History

Launched Jul 29, 2010 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 27
Version 14.0

- Updated for new SDK.
- Minor bug fixes and tweaks.
- Text updates.

Oct 26
Version 13.0

- Bug fixes
- Text updates
- Updated for new SDK

Jan 30
Version 12.1

- Update for new API.
- Bug fixes.

Oct 25
Version 12.0

- Updated for new SDK & new phones.
- Text updates
- Minor bug fixes

Jul 14
Version 11.0

- Updated for new SDK.
- Text updates
- Minor bug fixes

Mar 26
Version 10.0

- General bug fixes
- Updated text
- New SDK

Dec 19
Version 9.1

-Fixed a major bug that was causing text to not display properly on devices less than IOS7. Thank you kindly for the feedback and patience.

Dec 04
Version 9.0

(1) Updated for IOS7
(2) New ICON
(3) Text fixes
(4) Bug fixes

Sep 10
Version 8.0

- update SDK
- bug fixes

Jul 09
Version 7.0

- Compiled on new SDK
- Bug fixes and text updates

May 13
Version 6.6

- Text fixes
- Compiled with new SDK

Apr 25
Version 6.5

-Bug fixes
-Text updates

Mar 21
Version 6.1

-Fixed a minor bug in data update.

Feb 12
Version 6.0

- Updated SDK
- Bug fixes
- Back-end support for upcoming version.

The next major version is on the way soon, and includes the ability to submit new data and data corrections as well as automatic data update capability.

Dec 14
Version 5.9

Minor bug fixes. Watch for large update after the holidays.

Sep 20
Version 5.5

- Updated to fully support the new iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5 displays.
- Updates to support IOS6.
- Swipe to navigate support.
- Cleaned up UI.
- Data Update
- Click About Logo to Disable Badges

Aug 23
Version 5.0

1) Added ability to take notes
2) Bug fixes
3) Data updates
4) New higher resolution icon

Jun 17
Version 4.0

- Great speed improvements
- Reduced memory leak
- Fixed some text issues

May 04
Version 3.4

Back-end code changes leading to the redesign to the new codebase. Some graphic size improvements are included, but look for the full impact in the next version.

Apr 23
Version 3.3

Small search bug fix.

Apr 05
Version 3.2

Updated to support new retina graphics on the new iPad
- fixed data
- icon fix

Mar 29
Version 3.1

Small update to support retina graphics on the new iPad

Feb 03
Version 3.0

1) Updated graphics
2) Fixed some data errors
3) Updated backend code

Please keep the suggestions coming, more versions will continue to be made.

Oct 08
Version 2.1

Bug Fixes
IOS 5.0 tweaks
IOS 5.0 testing

Keep the suggestions coming!

May 20
Version 2.0

Updated API and other things to work with XCODE 4.x. Fixed some text. Fixed some images.

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