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Are you the host of a quiz show or just a smart alec who likes to annoy people???

Gameshow Pro includes 4 popular annoying sound effects apps in one cheap app with no ads!

Includes the sounds from

- Buzz Button

Four awesome gameshow buzz in sounds!

- Hallelujah!

Handel's Messiah on demand, for when someone finally gets it right!

- The Correct Button

Four awesome sounds to let someone know they're right!

- The Wrong Button

Let em' know they screwed up with these four sounds!

Also be sure to click "BrennanMoyMedia" above to see some of our other great and fun apps!

- Self contained app, no internet connection is required to annoy people!

DISCLAIMER: This app is a novelty app, like for fun, to mess with your friends and family. Please do not use it to harass and terrorize people! Also it is advised that you do not connect it to an external speaker device (or if you do keep it low). If you blast some of these noises really loudly, as with any sound, you could really damage your hearing!

Don't be an idiot, and don't hurt yourself or others.

BrennanMoyMedia assumes no responsibility to damage you cause yourself, others, or to property!

We warned you, don't be a moron!

- Thanks and have fun with it!

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Version History

Launched Jun 30, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Nov 15
Version 3.6

- Updated for iOS 10
- Updated for iPhone 7 and 7+

Oct 28
Version 3.5

- Updated for iOS 9
- Updated for iPhone 6s and 6s+

Nov 25
Version 3.4

Optimized for iOS 7!

Apr 26
Version 3.3

Bug Fixed

Dec 04
Version 3.2

★ Loop sounds

Oct 21
Version 3.1

★ iPhone 5 support

★ IOS 6 support

★ Fullscreen Mode

Apr 21
Version 3.0

★ Facebook fix

Feb 24
Version 2.3

★ General update

Oct 18
Version 2.2

★ Built for IOS 5

★ Crash on startup issue fixed

Sep 12
Version 2.1

Graphics Fix

Jul 31
Version 2.0

★ Totally re-written from scratch!

★ New high resolution graphics!

★ Now for the iPad!

Jul 21
Version 1.2

Added backwards compatibility with previous OS.

Jun 30
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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