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Take your TV with you with the DISH Anywhere app – and watch all the TV channels you get at home on your iPad or iPhone. Enjoy all your live or recorded shows and movies anytime. Manage your home DVR from anywhere. And get access to thousands of On Demand movies and shows from Showtime, Starz, EPIX, and many more!

* Take your Live TV with you and enjoy watching all of your favorite sports, news, shows, and movies right from your Hopper
* Schedule and manage your DVR recordings all from one place
* Transfer your DVR recordings to your iPhone, iPad or Mac and watch them offline*
* Download your purchased shows and movies, and watch them offline
* Follow your favorite teams with the Sports section
* Set up-to-the-minute scores and game info for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF
* Pair the DISH Anywhere app with your Apple TV to airplay your show or movie on your TV
* Have T-Mobile? DISH Anywhere is part of Binge-On – so you can watch all you want without using up your data

DISH Anywhere requires an online DISH account and a Hopper 2 or Hopper 3 receiver model for slinging Live TV and DVR.

(DISH Anywhere users that do not own one of the above supported receivers but do have an online DISH account can still use the On Demand and Live Stream features of the app).

This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

*Transfer functionality requires high-speed internet connection to a Hopper 2 or Hopper 3 DVR. Your mobile device must be connected to the same home network as the Hopper2 or Hopper 3 to transfer a recording and you must maintain an active DISH account to view transferred recordings. Select recordings are not available to transfer due to programming restrictions. Sling Adapter functionality is not supported.

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Version History

Launched Jul 15, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Oct 22
Version 20.3.51

General improvements.

Oct 15
Version 20.3.50

General improvements.

Sep 30
Version 20.3.40

General improvements and bug fixes.

Sep 16
Version 20.3.30

General improvements

Sep 11
Version 20.3.22

General improvements.

Sep 02
Version 20.3.20

Bug fixes and overall improvements.

Aug 26
Version 20.3.11

General improvements and bug fixes

Aug 07
Version 20.2.101

General improvements and bug fixes.

Aug 02
Version 20.2.100

Bug fixes and general improvements.

Jul 16
Version 20.2.90

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Jul 01
Version 20.2.80

Bug fixes and general improvements.

Jun 19
Version 20.2.70

Bug fixes and general improvements.

May 28
Version 20.2.50

We update the app every few weeks to include improvements and address defects.

May 18
Version 20.2.40

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Apr 17
Version 20.2.20

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Apr 13
Version 8.1.2

This update gives the DISH Anywhere app a modern look and feel. We’ve also made some improvements to make the app more efficient and stable

Feb 25
Version 7.32.0

The latest version includes bug fixes and general improvements.

Feb 06
Version 7.31.0

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

Jan 23
Version 7.29.11

Updated Privacy Policy
General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Oct 04
Version 7.28.0

Support for iOS 13 and general bug fixes

Sep 16
Version 7.27.4

General Bug Fixes

Jul 16
Version 7.26.0

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Jul 03
Version 7.25.5

Bug Fixes and General Improvements

Apr 09
Version 7.24.0

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Mar 13
Version 7.23.1

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Jan 31
Version 7.21.7

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Nov 03
Version 7.20.0

Bug fixes and customer experience improvements

Oct 18
Version 7.19.1

Bug Fixes. We are tuned into you.

Dec 03
Version 6.20.37

- Kids Profile! Create an age-appropriate profile for your children to watch their favorite DVR, On Demand and Transferred content.
- On Demand : quickly scroll by alphabet.
- Bug fixes.

Sep 01
Version 6.20.26

- Catch all the football action this season, live or recorded on your iPad
- Support for Guide & Sports screens for all DISH subscribers (including receivers that aren’t Sling-enabled)
- DVR categories and On Demand screens load faster
- Bug fixes

Jul 06
Version 6.20.19

- New Home screen makes it easier to find content to watch quickly
- Use your iPad to control any TV in your house with added support for your Joeys
- Know where your service technician is with the "Where's My Tech" feature
- More content to watch with the addition of Disney and Showtime On Demand content

May 07
Version 6.14.4

- Bug fixes

Mar 18
Version 6.14.1

·You can now use multiple profiles with the same DISH account. Each profile contains personalized recommendations, Favorites, Watchlists and more.
·Forgot your login info? No problem! Use the new Hopper pairing feature when you’re at home.
·Sports fans – view scores/results in the NCAA basketball tournament bracket.
·Pay your bill inside the app from Settings > Pay My Bill (requires login).
·Resume watching programs automatically when interrupted by a phone call.
·Other bug fixes and refinements.

Jan 26
Version 6.9.0

-minor Sports updates
-bug fixes

Sep 23
Version 6.5.2

- Fix for On Demand streaming due to iOS8 update.
- Other bug fixes.

Sep 17
Version 6.4.1

-Due to iOS8 update, trying to watch On Demand programs will crash the application. We are aware of this issue and will update Dish Anywhere with the fix as soon as we can.
-Go to Sports tab to see live scores of todays games and what games are coming up later in the week.
-Follow your favorite team in My Teams section.
-other bug fixes.

Aug 04
Version 6.0.2

• Completely redesigned look and feel
• View Recommended programs personalized for you based on your viewing history.
• Use Recents to quickly resume videos you recently watched
• Watchlist allows you to quickly access and keep track of your favorite programs.
• See what’s most popular in your area or nationwide with the What’s Hot feature
• Use the new media page to view program availability across Guide, DVR and On Demand. Plus, you can discover similar movies and shows that you might also like.
• New remote control allows you to control your DISH receiver from your iPad. Hopper customers can also turn on your TV and control it’s volume.

May 28
Version 5.4.1

-Watch Univision’s live coverage of the FIFA World CupTM June 12th – July 13th
-Fixed bug related to receiver(s) not displaying or incorrectly showing as offline
-Fixed issue related to guide showing the wrong time.
-Other bug fixes

Apr 16
Version 5.3.0

-Users can now control their Hopper with an in-app remote.
-You can now use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to log in to DISH Anywhere.
-Apple Airplay enhancements.
-Additional optimizations and bug fixes.

Dec 19
Version 5.2.1

-Users that have a Hopper with built-in Sling technology can now Transfer DVR recordings to your iPad and watch them anywhere, even without an internet connection!
-You can now set Parental Controls for On Demand & Transfers from inside the app.
-View and manage your iPad's ability to stream On Demand programs and Transfer content through Authorized Device option in App settings.
-View Closed Captioning text on Live, On Demand and Transferred programs.
-Quickly browse the most popular programs with What's Hot feature on the showcase screen.
-Additional bug fixes.

Sep 12
Version 4.1.6

-Added iOS7 support
-Bug fixes

Aug 08
Version 4.1.3

• Added a new Scrub Bar feature to player controls for Hopper users. You can now easily move to the exact spot on Live TV or DVR recordings.
• Rotten Tomatoes ratings make it easy to choose what to watch in On Demand and Blockbuster.
• New Predictive Search feature – title recommendations now appear as you type.
• Age filters in Blockbuster Kids Movies and TV Shows help you make the right content choices for your child.
• DVR programs can now be filtered by Genre.
• Additional performance enhancements and bug fixes.

May 06
Version 4.0.3

• Share what you're watching with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
• Reboot your receiver remotely with the “Reset” button in the Settings/ My Receivers section
• Updated DVR Schedule to include Skipped and Conflicts.
• DISH users with unsupported receivers may now log in and view On Demand programs.
• Added Audio Only mode - Hopper customers can now change the viewing mode to AO and listen to any channel while having the app in the background.
• Added Help Overlay to explain basic features of the DISH Anywhere app.
• Additional performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Jan 14
Version 3.2.12

•On Demand content now supports closed captioning functionality (Can be turned on through your iPad settings)
•Optimized program images for high retina displays.
•See what other Dish products are available in Settings/ More DISH Apps section.
•Additional bug fixes.

Aug 20
Version 3.2.4

-Added 5 new channels to the On Demand section.
-Added Latino option to the On Demand section.
-Resolved issue where users were not able to resume watching programs from last stop point.
-Fixed issue where users were getting error message that their finder ID is invalid when they tried to stream.
-Fixed issue where On Demand/ Blockbuster content ends prematurely.
-Fixed issue where Ipad was showing gray sections in the guide grid for HD programs, when 'HD' check-box was selected.
-Fixed issue where some users could not see their DVR recordings.

Jun 12
Version 3.1.3

-Fix for issue that caused DVR recordings to be unavailable for some users

May 08
Version 3.0.3

-All new user interface
-Greatly improved loading speeds for all screens
-Access to the Guide, DVR and On Demand listings without disconnecting video playback
-Added favorite channels feature
-Faster connection time to watch Live TV
-Optimized for retina display on iPad 3
-Fix for issue where the 'Watch on iPad' button would sometimes not appear
-Fix for issue where the DVR listings would sometimes not appear and show an error message
-Fix for issue where the video would be black and channel change would not work
-Fix for issue where On Demand content would buffer frequently at the start of playback

Feb 29
Version 2.9.22

-Fixes an issue where some users were seeing a crash when the app started or when they clicked on the Blockbuster tab

-Greatly increases video quality in HQ mode for users with a VIP 722 Dish receiver and a Sling Adapter

Feb 01
Version 2.9

IMPORTANT: If you experience crashing after installing this update, please uninstall and re-install the app and the issue will be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience, and this will be fixed in the next version.

-Adds Blockbuster @Home On Demand content

Jan 09
Version 2.8.5

New in version 2.8.5:
-Several bug fixes

New in version 2.8.4:
-Adds thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows from HBO, Cinemax, Epix, and many more networks. All Dish customers can watch these shows as long as they are subscribed to the channel that is offering it.

-Updated Guide screen

-New unified Search screen

-Users who have the 722K receiver and a Sling Adapter will see greatly increased video quality when streaming Live TV or DVR content.

-If you are having issues getting your receiver to show up as online, try pushing the Live TV button.

Dec 20
Version 2.8.4

-Adds On Demand movies and TV shows from HBO, Cinemax, Epix, and many more networks. All Dish customers can watch these shows as long as they are subscribed to the channel that is offering it.

-Updated Guide screen

-New unified Search screen

-Users who have the 722K receiver and a Sling Adapter will see greatly increased video quality when streaming Live TV or DVR content.

-If you are having issues getting your receiver to show up as online, try pushing the Live TV button.

Oct 10
Version 2.6

-support for iOS 5

May 26
Version 2.5.3

-Faster loading home screen with easier access to popular Sports, Movies, and TV Shows

-User interface enhancements

-Fixes for login issues

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