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Latitudie is the most complete Google Latitude client for iPhone and iPad! And it even runs in the background!

Wanna keep your friends updated on your position? Would you like to see your friends' positions in real time? Or what about your phone telling you when that friend you haven't seen in a long time is around the corner? Forget about making phone calls just for asking your friends where they are and start saving money! Just let Latitudie run in background and it will update your location as you move. It's never been that easy!

- Update your position, manually or automatically
- Access and edit your location history
- Temporarily hide your location
- See your history on a map and replay it
- Track and manage your friends
- Invite new friends to use Latitude

When running in the background, Latitudie will let you decide if want it to update your position when only you move, in order to save battery power.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Latitudie is not affiliated with Google Inc.

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Version History

Launched Jun 23, 2010 (almost 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

May 28
Version 2.2.1

- Correctly show the view for changing the update interval

Apr 21
Version 2.2

- Fixed a crash on iOS 4.3
- Added support for satellite and hybrid map types
- Added support for hiding inactive friends
- New design for the friends map

Nov 25
Version 2.1

- Dramatically reduced battery consumption when using GPS
- When showing your friends' map, show the horizontal accuracy of their latest update
- Added support for iOS 4.2
- Detect errors during login and restart the process if needed
- Better error messages
- Avoid asking for permission to use the GPS until the user has logged in
- When updating your location, send the vertical accuracy to Latitude
- Minor graphical improvements

Nov 10
Version 2.0.1

- Fixed a crash when adding new friends from Gmail contacts which affected some users
- Fixed a crash when adding friends on iOS 3

Nov 01
Version 2.0

- Fixed a bug which could cause a black screen when reopening Latitudie
- Fixed two bugs which could make Latitudie stop updating your location
- Dramatically reduced battery consumption
- Simplified options screen
- Offline mode support
- Added support for adding friends
- Added support for managing friends
- Added support for the Retina Display
- Enhanced user interface

Oct 02
Version 1.3.1

* Fixed a bug in the friends view

Sep 27
Version 1.3

- Added support for configuring the minimum time between updates
- Reduced battery usage

Jul 16
Version 1.2

* Added support for disabling background updates
* Added map for viewing history
* Added some history statistics
* Added support for watching a replay of your history
* Fixed a bug which could prevent iOS from opening Latitudie on significant location changes after being killed due to a low memory situation
* Restored support for 3.0 devices

Jul 08
Version 1.1

- Added support for location updates in the background using high precision
- Added support for periodically updating your location when running on the background, even if you haven't moved
- Fixed a bug which caused your position to be updated multiple times
- Added Spanish translation

Jun 23
Version 1.0

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