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Know before you go with California Road Report, your best app for being informed of what's happening on the highway.

With California Road Report you can view CHP incidents, CalTrans road conditions, chain control, road closures, and find rest stops in California on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch on the go!

- View CHP Incidents in areas nearby or from a list of selected areas in either list mode or map mode
Each CHP incident reported contains the time of occurrence, location, and details of the incident.

- Hands-Free Mode - With hands-free mode, CHP incidents can now be spoken to you while you drive so you can keep your eyes on the road and still receive CHP reports. (note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)

- Search for CalTrans road conditions on any given highway in California
Ideal for checking chain requirements prior to driving in snowy conditions, knowing if there will be road work, or finding out if a particular stretch of the highway has been closed.

- Find out where chain control is being enforced during snow storms
While in map view you can pan around the state of California to see where chain control is being enforced or scroll through a list of all chain control areas in California.

- Find nearby rest stops
Need to take a break while on a long drive down the 5? Check out nearby rest stops and see their available amenities.

- See highway cameras
See pictures from over 500 highway cameras (with some including live video) in the state of California and also share them on Facebook, Twitter, eMail, and SMS.

- Road Closures
Avoid traffic by knowing which roads are closed or have lane closures.

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Version History

Launched Apr 13, 2010 (almost 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Apr 04
Version 3.10.1

Resolve issue where Siri shortcut would not load.

Apr 02
Version 3.10.0

Say "Show road report" to hear the road report on selected highways in California.
Say "Show chain control" to hear chain control on selected highways in California.

Mar 20
Version 3.9.1

Fix Siri Shortcut that was not working.
Include toggle on About screen to change to small map markers.

Mar 12
Version 3.9.0

Siri Shortcuts
Leveraging the power of Siri Shortcuts, you can now create shortcuts that automate specific functions in CARR. Current shortcuts available are turning Driving Mode on and off.

Map Icons
No more pins! Road report icons are now much cleaner and create less clutter on the map.

Jan 20
Version 3.8.2

- fix road conditions on display on watch app.
- from chain control list, navigate directly to details instead of map.

Jan 16
Version 3.8.1

Resolve issue where road reports would become unselected.

Jan 16
Version 3.8.0

Dark mode support
Fix road condition report

Nov 12
Version 3.7.2

Resolve issue where driving mode selector wouldn't show up in about menu.

Nov 10
Version 3.7.1

resolve crash on Highways tab

Nov 09
Version 3.7.0

-Some highway cameras will now show live video
-Added reload button to map
-By default, driving mode will tell you accidents and closures within 5 miles but if you would like to provide a wider radius you can enable this in the About menu.

Sep 27
Version 3.6.0

--Driving Mode--
Instead of selecting desired radius, deriving mode will automatically find the closest incidents in your direction.

--Chain Control--
With the snow season just around the corner, we're bringing back Chain Control notifications which can be found by tapping on the Filter button.

Aug 16
Version 3.5.3

Resolved issue with widget

Aug 07
Version 3.5.2

Resolve issue with some devices not being able to see incidents.

Aug 05
Version 3.5.1

When selecting CHP details, save state of abbreviated or not abbreviated CHP details.

Jul 16
Version 3.5.0

*No need to look up CHP codes in the glossary anymore! CHP codes that show up in the CHP details are now replaced by their meaning so you can easily understand what's being reported.
You can switch between the abbreviated form and long form by tapping on the CHP details.

*Expanded zoom radius so more of the map is seen.

Jul 06
Version 3.4.1

Fixed issue where highway conditions were not showing up.

Jun 28
Version 3.4.0

Custom alerts and filters can now be added by tapping the Filters button (no more Alerts button).
You can also filter by CHP area and select areas to receive notifications when an incident is reported.

Road reports shown on the map will now reflect the same road reports shown on the list.

May 30
Version 3.3.3

Lower volume of driving mode.
Change color of Incident and road closure pins to red.
Fix issue where CHP incident tab would not stay selected.

May 24
Version 3.3.2

- Show current location button on map
- Show CHP information when notification is tapped

May 21
Version 3.3.1

While on CHP detail, show map when location is tapped.
Resolve issue where duplicate road reports could be shown.

May 17
Version 3.3.0

Now on the list view you can select which areas to show CHP incidents in.

May 15
Version 3.2.0

We're listening to your complaints and so this update includes some fixes which brings back some of the UI you're familiar with.
Road report details now show in full screen.
Only CHP incidents will initially be shown on the map. Tap the road report buttons to see more road reports.

Completely redone UI.
View all road reports in one area.
Easily create road report alerts.
Listen to nearby reports without needing to sign in.

May 08
Version 3.1.2

Fix problem when location services are not enabled.

May 04
Version 3.1.1

Disable map clustering so all map pins show up on map.

Completely redone UI.
View all road reports in one area.
Easily create road report alerts.
Listen to nearby reports without needing to sign in.

May 03
Version 3.1.0

Include button on top of map so highway list can be shown (highway road conditions)
Move current location button to more accessible location
Removed refresh button in favor of automatically updating road reports when map is panned.

Completely redone UI.
View all road reports in one area.
Easily create road report alerts.
Listen to nearby reports without needing to sign in.

Apr 30
Version 3.0.1

Completely redone UI.
View all road reports in one area.
Easily create road report alerts.
Listen to nearby reports without needing to sign in.

Resolve issue of list view button now showing up.

Apr 29
Version 3.0.0

Completely redone UI.
View all road reports in one area.
Easily create road report alerts.
Listen to nearby reports without needing to sign in.

Jul 02
Version 2.26.0

Show rest stops in road condition details.

Mar 14
Version 2.25.0

Update map annotations for iOS 11 support.

Dec 20
Version 2.24.12

resolve issue with push notifications not being sent.

Dec 12
Version 2.24.11

bug fixes.

Nov 08
Version 2.24.10

iPhone X fixes.

Nov 07
Version 2.24.9

iPhone X Support!

Oct 19
Version 2.24.8

New map icon for rest stops.
Show correct distance for incidents.

Oct 05
Version 2.24.7

bug fixes.

Jun 27
Version 2.24.6

Show distance in CHP incident cell.
Fix issue with widget size.

May 17
Version 2.24.5

Resolve crash in today widget.

Jan 17
Version 2.24.4

various bug fixes.
show traffic flow on CHP incidents map.

Nov 22
Version 2.24.3

iOS 10 support for widget.

Nov 12
Version 2.24.2

Migrate backend.
Various bug fixes.

Sep 06
Version 2.24.1

Various bug fixes.

Aug 30
Version 2.24.0

-resolve issue where app wasn't resizing correctly on larger devices.

-show highway cameras in road conditions favorites.
-activate hands free from menu.

Aug 15
Version 2.23.1

Show nearby incidents when zooming to current location.

Aug 04
Version 2.23.0

New and improved Hands Free Mode (formerly know as Driving Mode).
Hands Free Mode can now be enabled from the Apple Watch.

Jun 01
Version 2.22.1

Fix crash affecting today widget.

May 13
Version 2.22.0

Support larger screen size.

Apr 22
Version 2.21.1

Add icon for iPad Pro.
Fix scaling issue on highway camera image.

Feb 25
Version 2.21.0

When viewing road conditions on WatchOS app, only favorited highways will show.

Feb 08
Version 2.20.1

Resolve crash on devices running anything earlier than iOS 9.

Feb 02
Version 2.20.0

*Resolve issue when changing notification time for CHP incidents
*Update to WatchOS2 (which hopefully resolves all issues on the watch app)

Jan 25
Version 2.19.0

**This fix improves upon notifications delivered for CHP incidents and chain control reports**

Notifications for CHP incidents can now be delivered at your desired time by selecting "Area", "Settings" then selecting a start and end delivery time.

Chain control reports are now sent at a more granular level so you can receive notification updates on just the chain control levels you're interested in. You can set the levels to receive notifications on by selecting the "Bell", "Settings", then select all the levels you're invested in receiving reports on.

Jan 07
Version 2.18.1

***Apple Watch Fix***
Resolve issue with Apple Watch version which required iOS version to be opened while using watch version.

Dec 03
Version 2.18.0

* Just in time for the winter! You can now receive notifications when chain control is put into effect and lifted on selected highways
* Resolve issue with slow speech during driving mode
* Change notification sound to something that doesn't sound like a car horn

Nov 20
Version 2.17.3

Fix bug causing tab bar to be hidden on some devices.

Nov 14
Version 2.17.2

Update to support iOS 9.
Drop support for iOS 6 to offer better compatibility.

Jul 15
Version 2.17.1

Resolve crash from last update.
Notifications will now work in iOS 6 & 7

Jul 10
Version 2.17.0

Notifications! Notifications! Notifications!
Receive push notifications when CHP incidents are reported in selected areas.
You can subscribe to notifications from the CHP incidents list by selecting "Area" under the favorites section.

Resolve issue with Watch App when viewing road conditions

Apr 10
Version 2.16.0

Apple Watch support!
See CHP incidents, road conditions, highway cameras, and chain control on the Apple Watch.

Mar 30
Version 2.15.0

When viewing highway cameras for a specific highway, the highway camera images are now displayed in a grid-like view.

Mar 10
Version 2.14.0

Show road closures, highway cameras, and chain control while viewing a highway on the Road Conditions tab.

Feb 10
Version 2.13.1

Show road closures, highway cameras, and chain control while viewing a highway on the Road Conditions tab.

Jan 24
Version 2.13.0

-Brand new icon!

-Home screen widget showing nearby CHP incidents.

-Searching for road conditions will no longer show favorites in search result.

Jan 12
Version 2.12.0

Happy 2015!

Camera map will first pan to your location and then fetch cameras in your area. If you want to see cameras in another area you must first pan the map to that area then tap the "refresh" button.

Show 1 nearby camera on chain control detail when there is a camera within 5 miles.

On iPad version, rest stop details, chain control details, and highway camera details will now display over the map within a popover.

Dec 17
Version 2.11.1

2.11.1 -- Resolve crash on devices not running iOS 8.
2.11.0 -- You can now see images from over 500 highway cameras in the state of California.

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