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Trucker Tools, the app is only one in the market that provides everything that a driver needs on the road - totally FREE for the driver.

Trucker Tools app is the only one that provides an accurate list of truck stops along your truck-specific route. Wonder who has the most accurate truck stop guide - look no further - Trucker Tools app has the most accurate truck stop guide.

Don't get fooled by imitators. Trucker Tools App is the real one! Download and drive happy!

Save money while on the road with the free Trucker Tools App. The app helps you find latest & lowest diesel prices, nearest truck stops, live traffic, turn-by-turn directions for the truck stops across the country. It also locates truck stops near a city, your current location, along a route, or at a specific exit.

Our truck stop data is the most complete in the country and is updated daily. 

Fuel prices are updated hourly and are most accurate.

Also provides Truck Routing & Fuel Optimizer (or Cheapest Fuel) – You save big with our fuel optimizer. See truck stops along a route and find the cheapest fuel along the route.

Features include: 
- Find latest diesel prices (fuel prices data is updated every hour) 
- Get real-time traffic information 
- Search for truck stops within a 50-mile radius, along an interstate or U.S. highway, by exit number, by city 
- View the truck stops in a location on a map view 
- See the full list of amenities and services provided by a truck stop (The truck stop data is updated daily) 
- Find live weather conditions 
- Chat and connect with other truckers 
- Find coupons and sales specials offered by truck stops 
- Use turn-by-turn directions to the truck stop 
- With the “call the truck stop” feature, the app will use your phone to make the call 
- Find cargo insurance instantaneously
- Need Permits? Help with IFTA, DOT Compliance, and other services – You can find the best services through our app
- Find the nearest list of Walmarts, Rest Areas, Weigh Scales.
- You can also find the status of the weigh scales. Note that the status of the weight scales is updated by drivers like you and so, you may not see the status for all the weight scales.
- Find Truck Wash locations

Find Truck Stops with CAT scales, DEF Retail & Bulk DEF, Repairs & Services, TripPak, UPS, Overnight Parking including a total number of parking spots, Pegasus Transflo locations and more.

Voice Activated: You post messages on the message board, search for truck stops and more using voice-to-text. On the keypad, if you see the microphone icon – click it and speak. The voice will be converted to text by the app. Note that only the most recent iPhones support this feature.

Like to chat & connect with other Truckers? Our message board is one of the most active and loved one by truckers. You will people chatting on it 24/7. If you have any questions about the app, ask fellow members & our admin on the message board.

And many, many, many more features added regularly.
This is the only app you would need on the road and the best app made just for people like you who are on the road most of the time.

What are you waiting for? Download it today, join our active and fun-loving members and leave your feedback to be part of the revolutionary app in the trucking industry.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Trucker Tools doesn't leave GPS running in the background continuosly. It uses GPS only when the device moves significantly
(approximately atleast a minimum of 500 meters). Even that is used to provide intransit visibility of the load on the request of the dispatcher. For all other features, such as truckstop guide or look up of rest areas, walmarts, weigh scales, service centers, message board etc, we donot use GPS in the background.

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Version History

Launched Apr 09, 2010 (almost 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Nov 02
Version 8.4

Bug fixes

Oct 15
Version 8.2

Scan Documents

Mar 01
Version 7.0

Performance improvements
Blank screen fix

Aug 24
Version 6.7

Push notification support

Aug 13
Version 6.6

1) Improved battery usage
2) Resolved an issue with older IOS versions

Jul 15
Version 6.5

Support for IOS7 features

Jul 23
Version 4.7

Geo Fencing support for Load Track
Integration support with TRANSFLO app

Apr 26
Version 4.6

Connectivity with Overdrive Facebook, Twitter

Aug 16
Version 4.1

What's New in this Version:
• Branded with Overdrive magazine as Overdrive’s Trucker Tools
• Added Overdrive’s digital magazine to the app
• Improved the initial loading of the app
• Improved the Nearby Searches for Truck Stops, Walmarts, Weigh Scales, Rest Areas and Weather
• Improved Routing & Fuel Optimizer
• Added Traffic toggle to the Maps

Jul 18
Version 4.0

1) Improved the initial loading of the app
2) Improved the Nearby Searches for Truck Stops, Walmarts, Weigh Scales, Rest Areas and Weather
3) Improved Routing & Fuel Optimizer
4) Added Traffic toggle to the Maps

Jan 25
Version 3.2

Front Page Ad on Launch

Oct 25
Version 3.0

ability to set password

Oct 19
Version 2.9


Oct 17
Version 2.8

Improved registration and login
Improved gps accuracy

Sep 19
Version 2.7

Fixes and improvements

Sep 08
Version 2.6

Critical fixes

Aug 31
Version 2.4

Critical fixes

Aug 18
Version 2.3

Re-branded the app to Trucker Tools to accommodate many new features added to the app

New features:
Truck Stops on a Map View
Lowest fuel price information
Cargo insurance
Truck stop amenities along with parking spaces count
Filter truck stops by amenities

Aug 03
Version 2.1

Truck Stop Guide and Amenities
Mobile Delvac indicator
New look for the Truck stop List

May 19
Version 2.0.2

Improved performance of the banners

Dec 19
Version 2.0.1

Updates to Login/Registration

Dec 02
Version 2.0

Updates in 2.0:

- Added live fuel(diesel) prices
- Added list of amenities for each truckstop

Aug 09
Version 1.2

Added Pegasus Scanner Locator.
Additional promotions through Banners

Jun 04
Version 1.1

- Added Independent Truckstops
- Added Truckstop location to the Coupons in the favorite list
- Improved the Registration form

Apr 20
Version 1.0.1

Fixes an issue with the distance value in the My TruckStops tab.

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