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Make beautiful snowflake creations with The Flake Factory. The Flake Factory makes it fun and super easy to create the most intricate snowflake designs and share them with friends. The app features a standard cut out mode and a unique paste mode. Includes cool tools like feathering and spikes for adding intricate detail and beauty to your masterful creations. No two flakes will be alike. If you get tired of creating your own designs, which we doubt you will, try out the random flake generator to give you a head start.

Create and share printable snowflake templates to create real-life cutouts of your snowflake creations.

Share and trade editable copies your snowflake creations with friends via AirDrop, Mail, etc.

Snowflake designs can be easily shared with friends and posted to social media. Other cool features include a slide show mode and a special section on the science behind the formation of real snowflakes.

This app is fun for all ages from kids to adults.

A great idea for classroom snowflake craft projects.


- Three creation modes: Cut, Paste, and Random.

- Paste mode allows flakes to be created by pasting paper scraps together: a unique feature of The Flake Factory.

- Great time saving tools like Feather Cut and Spike Paste.

- The new Shape tool lets you add predefined and custom made shape Cuts and Pastes. Use a pinch gesture to resize the shape.

- Integrated help.

- Realtime preview while editing.

- Supports section counts from 4 up to 24. Use a value of 12 for traditional flakes.

- Slide show mode to view all of your flakes one at a time.

- Thumbnail view to quickly review your full inventory of flakes.

- Color fill mode to add solid color or gradient filled color with transparency to your creations.

- Add background images from your Photo library or the Camera

- Create PDF cut-out templates that can printed or shared using Mail, Message, AirDrop, AirPrint, etc.

- Create and share graphical images via Mail, Message, AirDrop, AirPrint or any installed social media apps that support image posting.

- Send and receive editable snowflake files with friends. Allows you to share and collect snowflakes from other Flake Factory users.

- Includes a special section on the real science behind the formation of snowflakes.

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Version History

Launched Feb 19, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Jan 23
Version 1.4.3

We’ve added some great new features to make creating snowflakes with The Flake Factory even better!

Tap the new Tools button to select a shape to use to create a new Cut or Paste. Tap on the slice to place the shape or drag it to the desired location and release. You can also use a pinch gesture to change the size of the shape for even greater variety.

Don’t see the shape you want? Tap the Shape Creation button to make your own shapes to add to your snowflakes. The new shape creation and editor tool uses the same drawing features as the snowflake creation tool so you can create intricate compound designs and use them again and again.

Tap the new Mirror button to create a mirror copy of a Cut or Paste on the opposite side of the slice. Mirror makes it much easier to create intricate symmetrical patterns.

We’ve also added a Redo button and made improvements to the Undo feature to completely undo adding a Feather, Spike, or Shape with a single tap.

Includes other minor updates and bug fixes.


Dec 22
Version 1.4.2

Minor updates.

Dec 05
Version 1.4.1

In this version we added support for iPad/iOS11 Drag and Drop so you can drag snowflake images and flake slices to other apps such as Photos, Files, Mail, and Messages, or social media apps like Pinterest.

We also added an optional snowfall animation for the menu views. Watch your own snowflakes gently falling or use the default snowflake.

We also made some other minor bug fixes and updates.

Nov 20
Version 1.4

We’ve added some great new features including the ability to print a template to make paper cutouts of your flakes.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll see:

- Create PDF cut-out templates that can printed or shared using Mail, Message, AirDrop, AirPrint, etc.
- Create and share graphical images via Mail, Message, AirDrop, AirPrint or any installed social media apps that support image posting.
- Share and collect fully editable snowflake from other Flake Factory users via AirDrop, Message, Email, etc.

- Add background images to your snowflakes from your Photo library or the Camera
- Add transparency to the snowflake center and edge colors.

- Customize and reset the app background with images from your Photo library.

Supports iPhone X

Jan 17
Version 1.3

Updated to work on the latest iOS devices including iPad Air, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Other updates and bug fixes.

Apr 13
Version 1.2

We've updated the graphics for a better look on Retina displays and have made some other minor bug fixes.

Feb 24
Version 1.1

We've fixed the color picker so that it starts off with the currently selected color. We've also built and tested it for iOS4.0

Feb 19
Version 1.0

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