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#1 Puzzle Game Germany
#1 Puzzle Game Austria

"One of the most addictive iPhone apps I’ve ever laid my hands on" 4.5/5 (www.gameandplayer.net)

"It's fast-paced, simple, and addictive."

"I think your kids (and you !) will have fun on this app."

"Doppelgänger features very good and simple designs, subtle sounds, and a fantastic help page to get players set up and going. The game is priced low and provides hours of entertainment for both individual players and groups"

Help Frank Blank to remember! Doppelgänger is an arcade version of the popular game "pairs".
Contrary to the classic version there are only a certain amount of misses allowed while searching for identical pairs of cards. If you manage to reveal all pairs you advance to the next round - but only one miss too much, and you are "game over".

The intuitive and established game principle is suited for all ages and makes Doppelgänger a perfect casual game. However, also ambitious players will get their money's worth during the more than 40 levels: the number of cards per round increases constantly during the game. Absolute concentration is mandatory to master the higher levels.

For the hardcore gamer Doppelgänger provides a combo-system and bonus levels. Only systematic play will lead you to one of the ranks in the online score boards

Doppelgänger was developed with a lot of attention to details. The gameplay is fluid with no interruptions or load-times, animations are simple but elegantly used. But the definitive highlight are the more than 200 different cards from a variety of themes: every single graphic was hand-drawn specifically for Doppelgänger.

Put your memory to a test with Doppelgänger, the game that makes you smarter!

- 200+ lovely drawn graphics
- 3 different level strings, no game is the same
- bonus levels
- online leader board
- fully playable with one hand
- automatic save/continue function
- quick load time

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Version History

Launched Feb 08, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 years, on average.

Mar 23
Version 1.2.2

Fixed bug that made the game unplayable on newer devices
Re-enabled Gamecenter.

Oct 06
Version 1.2.1

iOS 11 Compatibility Quick Fix

Feb 22
Version 1.2

The good news for all friends of Frank with iOS 4.1+:
+ Retina Support (finally!)
+ GameCenter with Leaderboards and Achievements (yeah!)

the bad news for everybody else:
- no more Online-Leaderboards, the service has been shut down

Warm up for the upcoming Version with new Game-Mode and new Features.

Mar 08
Version 1.1

- separate online leaderboards for your device, your country and for the whole world
- leaderboards can be browsed up to rank 1000 on the device
- challenge your friends via email

Feb 08
Version 1.0

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