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This graph is based on a simple idea from numerology but it attempts to show you something rather gran: a sort of forecast for the whole life.

Specifically, it predicts the level of the life energy that will power different periods of the person's life. Life energy is somewhat similar to Ying and Yang in the Chinese tradition. When the graph goes up, towards levels 8 and 9, life energy becomes very Yang and the person spends a significant amount of time in the outside world, doing something that is visible and recognised by everyone.

This kind of graph was often used to try and predict when the person will get married: supposedly, when the graph is high.

And vice versa, when the graph is low, the person tends, or maybe forced, to have a solitary, secluded existence. This is a time of invisible, inner work that can be related to raising children, writing a book, an intense study or sometimes an illness.

This graph works surprisingly well in many cases but it is just too simple to be 100% reliable. Don't be disappointed if it will not always work for you. Numerology has some significantly more sophisticated tools, and we are planning to introduce some of them in our future apps.

Visit the Life Graph's web page at www.lunarium.co.uk/iPhone/LifeGraph/ for more information about the method, examples and further advice.

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Version History

Launched Jan 22, 2010 (almost 11 years ago).
Feb 15
Version 2.0

The app was rebuilt from scratch using a new graphics engine. It also has an additional feature: you can now easily email the resulting Live Graph to anyone.

Jan 23
Version 1.0