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i649Buddy is the ultimate and sophisticated iPhone/iPod App which will help you to manage the Canada's Lotto 6/49 (Lotto 6/49 is run by the Lottery Canada).

It does not matter if you play a single, tens or hundreds tickets by only yourself or as part a pool of your buddies. This App will help you tremendously with generating and verifying large volume of numbers and easily sharing chosen numbers with your buddies via built-in email.

i649Buddy App is implemented in four tabs with these functionalities:
1. Lotto 649 tab:
Allows you to generate random numbers or select a number in the picker manually. Then you can save those numbers into History database. Inside the History database you can delete any number set as you wish.

2. Buddies tab:
You can create i649Buddy buddies list - the people involved in the 649 plays. This list is created from the standard Contact App and each buddy must have an email filled.

3. Mail tab:
You can send all your generated/selected numbers from the History database to all your Buddies with a single push of a button. If your buddy has the i649Buddy App as well, he/she can import those numbers from received email into his/hers History database and can check numbers without you.

4. Winners tab:
Allows you to download last 52 winning draws. In this tab are presented winning draws/numbers compared against all your numbers in the History database. Winning numbers are marked as green and non-winning as red - so you will have good view of overall results. This is especially useful with large volume of numbers.

Lotto 6/49 is run by LotteryCanada and it is not associated with this App.

 $4.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Jan 05, 2010 (over 9 years ago).
Dec 14
Version 3.0

Version 3.0 is for iOS 11.1 and also for iPhone X. All deprecated software was replaced.
App now automatically evaluates the last 52 draws and only winning draws are presented.
Fixed/added - the minimum winning draw now has 2 balls.

May 16
Version 2.0

This is an updated version 2.0 for app originally submitted in 2009. It is targeted for 8.3 (from original iOS 3.0) where all deprecated and not working software was updated with new one.

Jan 05
Version 1.0


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