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** Another new fish added: Scissortail Sergeant!

* Emperor Angelfish just added! More soon! *

*** AS SEEN ON EVERY NEW iPAD2, iPHONE and iPOD TOUCH IN EVERY APPLE STORE AND RESELLER IN THE WORLD!! Try this fishy sensation for yourself! ***

Proudly made in Australia!

Watch as your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch fills with water and real 3D fish begin to swim around your iPhone or iPad screen!

- Too many aquariums claim to be 3D, but they're just flat picture of fish floating around your screen being boring! Fish Fingers has REAL 3D FISH! They swim in all directions and can be viewed from any angle! They're really 3D!

- DOWNLOAD NEW FISH! Connect to the net, select the download option from the menu, select the fish you want, and within seconds it's inside your aquarium! Easy!

- INTERACT WITH YOUR FISH! Touch the screen and watch the fish follow your finger. Double tap the screen to feed them, they'll slowly grow if you do!

- Use any image you like as the background to your aquarium! Simply select any image from your photo library and it'll look like your iPhone is full of water, and full of 3D fish! See what your Aunt Mable looks like with fish swimming out her ears, or what your car would look like underwater, or your cat, your messages, any image you want!! Want more ideas? Visit: www.UselessiPhoneStuff.com!

- Tilt your iPhone, watch the water move! Just like that time you tried to pick up your real aquarium and all the fish fell out, but... not!

Visit www.UselessiPhoneStuff.com for more info, and drop us a line if you have feedback!


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Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Jan 22, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Sep 20
Version 2.2

Updated for iOS7

May 15
Version 2.1.3

Small bug fix

Dec 03
Version 2.1.1

v2.1.1 changes:
- Fixed crash bug for some users of iOS5.1.1.

Nov 21
Version 2.1

v2.1 changes:

- Added real aquarium background!
- New camera controls! Take (virtual) underwater photos!
- Switch Front / Back camera.
- Updated for the amazing iPhone 5 Retina display!
- Updated for iOS6.

May 12
Version 2.0

v2.0 changes include many big fixes and updates.
- Optimizations to so it runs a whole lot better on all devices.
- Updated for the awesome new iPad screen!
- Fixed problems with the live camera background when you run it on an iPad sideways.
- Fixed launch problems for iOS3 users.

Aug 18
Version 1.9.2

Update and small bug fix.

If you're having any issues, let us know directly so we can fix them for you! Email us from www.UselessiPhoneStuff.com

May 06
Version 1.9

Keep the feedback coming, folks!! Email us on www.UselessiPhoneStuff.com! We're listening!!

v1.9 changes:
- Rewritten for iPad2 so you can use the Live Camera background with your fancy new device! Looks awesome on the big screen!!
- Updated so you can just have the default background if you wish, without the writing / instructions over the top.
- New start up sequence with instructions.
- Lots of small tweaks + fixes!

Apr 18
Version 1.8.1

Bug fix for live camera background.

Jan 14
Version 1.8

Thanks for all the feedback! Keep it coming! Remember: We can't read all the app store reviews, so EMAIL US! Otherwise you're feedback may go unheard!

v1.8 adds:
- NEW LIVE BACKGROUND! You can now run your aquarium over a live image from your camera (on compatible devices with a camera, obviously). View your world through your aquarium, or watch your friends sleep with the fishes!

Jan 05
Version 1.6

v1.6 changes:
- Fixes a small touch problem.
- Allows for unique fish to be added (Red Lionfish on the way!)
- More small fixes / tweaks.

Nov 10
Version 1.5

Big thanks for all the feedback! Keep it coming! Remember, we can't see all your app store reviews, so you need to email us to be heard! Visit: www.UselessiPhoneStuff.com and let us know what you want!

v1.5 is a big update:
- NEW OPTION! Set the water level!!
- NEW OPTION! Clock display!
- Full Retina Display resolution!!
- Full iOS4 support.
- By popular demand the menu icon now fades completely away. Keep the feedback coming!
- Updated graphics.
- Load more bug fixes and changes.

Jun 30
Version 1.3

v1.3 fixes a critical bug for iOS4 users.

May 19
Version 1.2

v1.2 -
- Fixes random crash when selecting background image (iPad).
- Add progress indicator so users do not think the app has frozen when it hasn't (iPhone).

Apr 02
Version 1.1

- Fixes a random crash bug at startup.
- Updated to an iPad Universal Binary.

Jan 22
Version 1.0

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