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The Baby Pregnancy Tracker enables you to follow the development of your baby through a detailed weekly progress update.

Each weekly slide provides a beautiful picture of your baby’s progress and a description of what major developments will happen in that week.

Look ahead and see what to expect in future weeks or flip through to see the entire cycle of the gestation period.

The baby Pregnancy Tracker not only tells you about the development of your baby, it also informs you about what is happening to your body every week, and gives weekly diet tips to ensure you receive the best nutrition for you and your baby.

The calculator enables you to see how many weeks you’re pregnant and calculates your due date.

Use the Chinese Table and find out whether you will have a baby boy or a baby girl.(Research in the United States proved 90% reliability!)

What else does the application offer you? A lot MORE!
What do you need to buy? You find the answers in the baby shopping list.
When is it “the moment”? Signs of labour easily explain to you.
When to call a doctor? You will find the answers in MORE.
The horoscope section informs you about special characteristics of your little one, like the core qualities of each star-sign. And of course you will think about names for your baby boy our baby girl. In MORE you can write them down, so you get your personal ‘diary’ of names.

Even if you are not pregnant, the baby Pregnancy Tracker will inform you in detail, so you can follow week by week the pregnancy of your best friend or family.

Enjoy your unique pregnancy journey!

More info: www.babypregnancytracker.com

 $2.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Dec 01, 2009 (about 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Jan 28
Version 4.3

Graphics update

Apr 14
Version 4.2

Little update in the Eyecolour calculator

Mar 01
Version 4.1

a. Eye colour calculator:

You just have to select the eye color of the different members of your family and the calculator will give you an percentage that indicates your babies eye color

b. Graphics update:

A complete fresh new makeover and optimized for you iPhone4

Jun 13
Version 3.1

Minor update to API.

May 21
Version 3.0

- new better lay-out
- new welcome screen
- added weekly nutrition advice
- added more weekly information
- added baby name section
- added baby shopping list
- added horoscopes
- added medical information
- improved due date calculator
- added weights and measurements

Dec 15
Version 2.2


Dec 01
Version 2.0.1

Previous 3 versions

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