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It’s not the "difficult quiz". It’s not the "really hard quiz". It's the IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! The internet sensation with over 100 millions plays is now available in your pocket, anywhere! NEW: Purchasable Bookmarks to permanently save your progress and Augmented Reality challenges that will have you pointing your phone about like a crazy person!

The rules are simple. Try to complete the quiz by answering all of the "questions". It may sound easy, but will require quick reflexes, luck, and good old insane logic. While the majority of questions are multiple choice, there are plenty of surprises along the way. The main thing to remember is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

- Over one hundred questions, including classic originals and never before seen mind benders!
- All new Augmented Reality challenges!
- Unique touch screen solutions!
- Save your progress with buyable Bookmarks!
- Strapped for cash? Watch an short ad for a free do-over!
- A cat named Chris!
- A full 3D all-singing, all-dancing Muffin!

So how far can you get? Go ahead. Try it. We dare you.

Warning: May cause increase in blood pressure, involuntary outbursts, and fits of rage.

If you enjoy the Impossible Quiz, give it a 5 star rating!!!!! If you don't, give it a 5 star rating!!!!! That'll show us!

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Version History

Launched Oct 30, 2009 (about 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Jul 05
Version 2.0

New Augmented Reality experiences added along with new Bookmark and Ad-assists to get you past the toughest spots!

Aug 30
Version 1.62

Fixed a bug that prevented delivering IAP products after purchase.
Minor display bug fixes on main menu.

Aug 29
Version 1.60.1

Extra Lives and Continues available as either opt-in ad-rewards or in-app-purchase.
Audio-video recording and saving of game-play.
Leaderboards for completion time to various stages of the quiz.

Aug 08
Version 1.50.3

Update for iOS 7+ and iPhone 6.

Jan 06
Version 1.50

Game Center Support!
New achievements! As if the game wasn’t impossible enough already!
Fixed bugs that made the game not impossible enough!

Jul 27
Version 1.40

Chris the Cat got ahold of our Apple IIe and mixed our new Impossible Quiz 2 questions with the original Impossible Quiz! Now we can't get them out, so enjoy!

Stupid cat.

May 26
Version 1.32

Now with 25% more bug fixes and fortified with Vitamins A and D!

May 12
Version 1.31

You asked, we listened! Fixed some of the most popular bugs.

Mar 11
Version 1.3

Our last update made the Impossible Quiz sooooo impossible that some users couldn't even play it! Man, we're good!

But we figured that might be too hard, so we've decided to allow everyone to play it again... I know... we're such softies!

Mar 08
Version 1.2

* Now Added, by popular demand, a check point system called "Moron Marks!" Having trouble with some question and are too frustrated to go back to the beginning? Use your moron mark! No one needs to know!

* Minor bug fixes!

Dec 05
Version 1.1

* Facebook integration! Let your friends know how smart you are!

* A shiny new button to turn sound on / off!

* Minor bug fixes!

Oct 30
Version 1.0

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