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“TRULY ASTONISHING!” - David Pogue, NY Times
"SO CONVINCING!" - Washington Post
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Seen on TV. UK's Ch. 5 ‘The Gadget Show'

"I'm getting an iPhone because of iForce . . . it's that good!" - Bob Kohler

"iForce is simply BRILLIANT. Best Magic App EVER!" - Marc Spelmann

There’s nothing quite like seeing the look on people’s faces when you perform something AMAZING.

Then, there’s that cute girl or guy that you’ve been trying to meet. With iForce, you've got the perfect way to break the ice and get their attention.

Imagine . . .
You ask her to think of her favorite type of food . . . she’s thinking Sushi (Remember she’s only THINKING Sushi!)
After a deep look into her eyes, you doodle what she’s thinking on the iPhone display, and leave it face down on the table.
The moment she whispers her favorite food, you smile triumphantly. The iPhone is flipped over and her jaw drops when she sees that you had correctly predicted “SUSHI” !!

This is just one example of the infinite mentalism effects that you will do.

iForce is a revolutionary performance tool for dazzling friends, colleagues and even clients. Capture attention or draw a crowd at parties, events or trade shows. Everyone will want to know, “HOW did you do that?!”

You'll read minds . . . predict the future . . . and even engage in a little MIND CONTROL! There's nothing shady or harmful; it’s all magic . . . fun and absolutely astonishing.

Part of the illusion is the app itself. Disguised as a simple “Doodle” program, iForce is lurking inside, unseen and undetectable. Everything is examinable, which adds to the mystery.

iForce is the ONLY magic product that lets you create on-the-spot custom tricks that you perform instantly. Make this app uniquely yours and put it to work in entertaining ways.

So what are you waiting for, Master Magician?
You don’t need any props . . . just download iForce now.

• Easy to do . . . learn with both written and video instructions
• Comes with several amazing effects that you’ll perform immediately
• Anything that you can draw/write can be your prediction ... The possibilities are endless
• No voice recognition (you can perform 100% silent)
• No wireless communication (you don’t need another iPhone/iPod to perform)
• Works with ALL iPhones/iPod Touches
• Impossible to detect the secret (since you’ll learn The Deepest Darkest Secret in Magic . . . )

Do not ask support questions in a review; I cannot respond to review postings. Email me at: greg@rostamimagic.com

Thank You,
Greg Rostami

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Version History

Launched Oct 20, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 months, on average.

Oct 05
Version 1.7.1

• Fake Exit is back!
• iPhone X Support

Happy performing!

Sep 29
Version 1.7

iOS 11 Compatible

The "Fake Exit" feature has been temporarily removed as there is much to do to it to get it working well under iOS 11. It should return in a future update.

Dec 16
Version 1.5.2

● Now iOS 7 compatible
● New "Simple" and "Advanced" Springboard modes

Feb 09
Version 1.5.1

• Fixed issue with Springboard sometimes launching app from page one
• Fixed crash on older operating systems in Springboard Images settings screen
• Added info on customizing your fake Springboard

Jan 23
Version 1.5

* iPhone 5 Retina display support!
* Updated fake Springboard look!

iForce HD for iPad is also now available in the App Store.

Happy performing!
-Greg & Randy

Jul 13
Version 1.4

iOS 4!
* Hi-resolution graphics designed for the new Retina display
* Springboard image compatibility
* Chinese and Spanish localization

*** Now Available from Rostami Magic ***
iPredict - Amaze your audience all over again with this long awaited follow up to iForce.

May the iForce be with you. ;-)

Dec 05
Version 1.2

• Added optional Passcode entry using the color pallete. This makes the secret screen nearly impossible to find when handing iForce out for examination.

• Searching for "Doodle" on the App Store will now show Doodle from Recreation Software. Doodle looks exactly like iForce without the magic features. Encourage your audience to try "Doodle" for themselves.

• iForce is now capable of being converted to any language, we just don't know any other languages well enough to do it ourselves. If you know a language well enough to translate it, send us an email at greg@rostamimagic.com. Thanks.

Nov 21
Version 1.1

• Added Save/Load Doodle feature
• Removed (codename: Doodle) from application name
• Changed App Store icon to the iForce hand with lightning
• Added new tip popup to show new users how to find the instruction manual
• Instruction video lengths are now displayed
• Made accessing the secret iForce screens less likely to be stumbled upon
• Simultaneously added new "Doodle" application to the App Store for the secret seekers. "Doodle" is a replica of iForce, minus the magic. Encourage your audience to download and try "Doodle". All they will find is a simple painting app.
Search the App Store for "Recreation Software" to quickly find "Doodle".

Oct 20
Version 1.0

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