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This is a truly beautiful Tarot: three different decks in the palm of your hand, nine spreads, and a hundred other customizations. Touch the cards—slide, flip, grow, shrink, and arrange them as you wish.

- Beautiful Tarot includes three decks: Rider-Waite-Smith (78 cards), Jean Dodal's Tarot de Marseille (78 cards), and Charles VI (or "Le Gringonneur," 16 major arcana only).

- Use nine spreads and find a path to your own understanding, or arrange the cards as you wish.

- Customize card interpretations: replace any card's historic text with your own, personalized meaning to be used throughout the app.

- Share your reading via email, complete with images and your personal interpretation, or save a screenshot to your photo library.

- Customize the look of your app with different card backs, table backgrounds, and bars (one thousand different combinations are possible).

Beautiful Tarot emphasizes lovely and realistic behaviors of the cards. Use touches to sort, flip, shuffle, and arrange your readings. Above all, delight in the beautiful and meditative aspect of these works of art, as people have for six centuries.


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Version History

Launched Feb 09, 2010 (almost 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Dec 22
Version 2.1.4

Updates to app store categories and privacy policy

Aug 11
Version 2.1.3

small bug fixes and improvements!

Jul 08
Version 2.1.2

Minor bug fixes and updates

Mar 12
Version 2.1.1

- bug fix for portrait mode on iPhones
- iOS 11 support

Mar 08
Version 2.1

- iPhone X support
- minor bug fixes

Jun 17
Version 2.0

- Completely rewritten in Swift—using all 64 bits :-)
- Now includes all 78 cards of Jean Dodal's "Tarot de Marseille" (as well as the full 78-card RWS deck and the 16 extant Charles VI cards)
- Universal, running at any screen size and any orientation whether on iPad or iPhone
- Uses new card and material scans designed for high-resolution retina displays
- More intuitive controls: swipe on the bar or background to change, swipe up or down to scale cards large or small, double tap on the background to choose a card

Oct 08
Version 1.51

Happy October!
- Optimized for iOS 8
- Small bug fixes (yet again!)

Sep 26
Version 1.50

Note: this version (1.50) has a bug when trying to save personal meanings! Please don't upgrade, and wait for version 1.51 (currently in review with Apple) if you use this feature.

In the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies.

* * *
Happy autumn everyone!
- Optimized for iOS 8
- Small bug fixes

Oct 07
Version 1.45

- Optimized for iOS 7
- Live web preview and shareable unique web address for readings
- Improved native iOS Twitter integration
- Small bug fixes

Jul 24
Version 1.40

NEW: Native to iPhone 5, with 4" retina screen support

NEW: Now uses native iOS Twitter integration

NEW: "What's New" feature keeps you up to date on changes in the app

NEW: Added "spread protection" -- if a spread is in progress, shuffle button will confirm before shuffling

- Personal card meanings can now be up to 10kb

- Added privacy policy and additional information

- Unified and cleaned up help

- Various small bug fixes and textual improvements

Apr 18
Version 1.31

Updates to retina graphics

Mar 03
Version 1.30

NEW: you can now share a reading (with card images, layouts, and personalized meanings) via Twitter

Small typographic errors fixed

Oct 07
Version 1.2

NEW : you can now enter your own observations and interpretations for each card; these meanings are then used throughout the app, including mail.

Fixed various small bugs relating to text

Jul 05
Version 1.11

NEW : support for iOS4 retina display and fast switching
NEW : added high-detail artwork for iPhone 4
- Fixed a bug where more than one ankh card could be displayed under unusual circumstances
- Changed various pieces of text

Jun 03
Version 1.1

NEW : added ability to turn off reversals

NEW : added ability to use only major arcana (for decks where there are major and minor)

NEW : added ability to choose a specific card from the deck

NEW : using card choice, added significator option to many layouts

NEW : can now open ankh card by double tapping on blank areas of bar or background

NEW : added prompt in email version of reading for personal additions

- Improved layout of options under the Ankh card

- Fixed various typographic errors

- Fixed a bug where a reading that is returned to (after quitting the app in the middle of a reading) might show a duplicate card

- Fixed various small memory leaks

Feb 09
Version 1.0

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