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Texas A&M is working to provide a mobile experience for those on the go. In addition to providing access to information on and about Texas A&M, a number of campus offices, departments, and divisions offer mobile resources and services.

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Version History

Launched Jun 09, 2009 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

May 04
Version 4.7

Fixed bug regarding emergency push notifications.

Mar 26
Version 4.6

Enhanced speed and performance.

What’s New!
Courses: gives the students easy access to the course catalog.
Athletics: shows sports statistics, calendars, news, tickets and more athletics information.
OAL: gives students the ability to see which computer labs have computers available in real time
Dining: Shows dining locations and hours in real time and shows when they are open or closed at a glance

Oct 05
Version 4.5

Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Apr 11
Version 4.4

Update to the latest version of the app software.

Mar 07
Version 4.3.2

Enhancements and bug fixes.

Mar 11
Version 4.3.1

Enhancements and bug fixes

Dec 15
Version 4.3

Enhancements and bug fixes

Apr 25
Version 4.2

New App Upgrade

Dec 09
Version 4.1

Removed the Gameday link

Sep 18
Version 4.0

Update bus routes

Aug 14
Version 3.9

Add link to Gameday Central

Aug 11
Version 3.8

add gameday

Feb 14
Version 3.7.1

Bug fixes

Jan 09
Version 3.56

Bug fixes

Oct 14
Version 3.5

Students may now log into eCampus over their phones to receive grades and check on classes. A new maps module uses Apple Maps rather than a static PDF, meaning that construction and new buildings are kept current.

Jul 07
Version 3.4

Updates made to Library

Feb 20
Version 3.3

-Updated Courses

Sep 12
Version 3.2.2

-Added minor bug fixes.
-Added Howdy module

Sep 14
Version 2.2.1

- Minor bug fix

Aug 29
Version 2.2

Bug fix for Maps

Aug 17
Version 2.1

Bug fixes and introducing:

-iTunes U: stream or download a collection of audio and video recordings of TAMU lectures, performances, and more!

Aug 27
Version 2.0

This update of TAMUmobile includes:

-Library: Ask one of our friendly campus librarians a question with just one tap on your phone!

-Dining: Hungry? Quickly search the locations and hours of nearby dining options.

-Images: From photos of former presidents to iconic Aggie images, you can search, browse and download images from the university collections and the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum!

-Get Help: Need to ask a question on the go? Tap our phone list of useful and important Texas A&M phone numbers.

-Bus Routes: Need a ride? Get off- and on-campus bus routes and service times. Take a look at route stops and get the arrival times for the bus you want to catch.

-High resolution support for the iPhone 4!

Mar 10
Version 1.12

Added new Maps image
News now includes article descriptions

Sep 21
Version 1.11

Updated bug fix so that News description displays properly.

Sep 09
Version 1.1

New applications:

* Maps - View and search the TAMU map right from your iPhone or iPod touch! Find your current location and plot it on the campus by using GPS on your iPhone.

* Courses - View the TAMU course catalog from the TAMUMobile application!

* Events - See and search the TAMU event calendar from your iPhone and iPod touch!

Jun 09
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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