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The VIDEO ALARM CLOCK (inc iPod support) - LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT!! - The possibilities of what you play as an alarm are endless.

This application is an innovative and cute Alarm Clock that can play videos from YouTube at your specified alarm time.

NEW FEATURE: as requested by many people, we have added the capability to select songs from your iPod library.

The Video Alarm Clock can play any music video or any type of video from YouTube, unlike all other alarm clocks on the iPhone/iPod Touch which only play an alarm sound from a limited list of sounds. You can wake up to your favorite song, movie/TV clip, joke, home/family video, or any other video.
If you can’t find what you are looking for in YouTube you can upload it and use it as your alarm or select a song from your iPod library.

The purpose of the Video Alarm Clock is to allow you to wake up happily; start your day in a great mood, and be productive the rest of your day. The majority of people don’t like to wake up in the morning; and hearing an annoying sound makes it the worst time of the day. People rely on a snooze button on an alarm clock to continue sleeping for a few minutes and then repeat the snooze process many times. However, sleep specialists have determined that sleep interrupted with a snooze button greatly affects the last hour before people wake up, which is their much-needed and longest period of REM sleep. As a result of interrupting their REM sleep, people tend to feel less creative/analytical and less enthusiastic on their daily activities.

This application will prevent the interruption of your last hour of sleep. By listening to something you enjoy, you will not try to snooze/break your alarm clock; instead you will watch your favorite video, allowing you to fully and peacefully wake up. You will wake up only once (no need to snooze).

* Clock:
– A mix of a spherical TV from the 60’s and a spring-driven alarm clock with a glossy look.
– Shows time in hh:mm and secs and date.
- Works in portrait and landscape mode
- Auto-dims after 1/2 minute. Tap screen to restore brightness
- Can be used as flashlight

* Video/Alarm:
- Video can be previewed before selecting
- Option to play either a video from YouTube, a song from your iPod library or just a default alarm sound (& vibration)

* Easy to use;
1. Clock screen shows the time and date; you tap a bell icon at the bottom to go to the Video Alarm settings
2. On the Video Alarm settings screen you can turn on the alarm, and you click a video camera button to go to the Video selection screen
3. Once you have searched and selected a video you are sent back to the Alarm settings screen where you set the alarm time.
6. Press Done to finish and go back to the clock screen.

More help found inside application.

* Compatibility:
- IMPORTANT: Works on 2G, 3G, and 3Gs iPhones, and the 1st/2nd gen of the iPod Touch with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher
- 1st gen iPod Touch requires headphones/speakers

* Like all 3rd party apps it has to be opened/running for the alarm to work.

* Recommended to connect your device to a power source/wall/dock. To run it on battery you should fully charge it first.

For assistance or suggestions:
Email: VideoClock@gmail.com
Or contact us from within the application.

More free features soon.

Thank You.

Some types of videos you may wish to play:
- Popular song of the moment
- song you fell in love with
- song you dedicated/were dedicated
- Your favorite cartoon as a child
- Theme song/scene of your favorite movie/series
- Natural/relaxation sounds
- Home/family/children video
- Latest movie trailer

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Music

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Version History

Launched Jun 07, 2009 (over 11 years ago).
Oct 05
Version 1.2

Added feature to select a song from the iPod library.

When clicking on the Youtube button to search for videos the screen is now displayed quicker. Suggested video list was removed to let use quickly search for their desired videos.

Jul 05
Version 1.1

Fixed issue with international characters. Now languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French, German and any other language are displayed properly in video searches and video titles.

Jun 08
Version 1.0