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This deluxe casino dice game includes polished graphics, 3D dice, animation, sound effects and gameplay tailored to fit the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enjoy many advanced features that you won't find in any other craps app!

* Choose 3D or slot-style dice animation
* Customize table, rail and dice appearance
* Truly random or manual-entry dice rolling
* Set maximum odds & starting chip amount
* 5,000 roll history with graphs & export
* 40+ screen interactive Craps tutorial
* Ten chip denominations (5 - 1,000,000)
* Shake phone or double tap dice to roll
* Saves and restores your current game
* Auto-collect winnings or leave in play
* Easily bet and swipe chips out of play
* Set bets on or off for come out roll
* Bet payout & casino edge cheat sheets

Casino Craps Pro 3D uses a Mersenne Twister random number generator to ensure truly random dice roll outcomes. If you wish, you can also roll your own physics dice and use the manual dice rolling mode to input the outcomes. No cheating! ;) Enjoy animated 3D dice rolling by shaking your device or double-tapping the dice. If you prefer to play faster, you can turn off the dice animation and rolls will happen instantly.

If you are new to Craps, our 40-screen tutorial will lead you through all of the bets available on a standard Craps table, as well as functionality that is unique to this app.

Contact us with questions or feedback: support@midnightmobility.com

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Version History

Launched Dec 17, 2008 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Mar 03
Version 4.0

- Updated for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus screen sizes
- Bug fixes for recent version of iOS
- Bug fix that caused very high bankrolls to go negative
- Quicker access to settings and history screens
- New table backgrounds

Sep 21
Version 3.3

- Updated graphics for iPhone 4 retina display
- Minor tutorial bug fixes

Nov 02
Version 3.2

- Switched to Mersenne Twister random number generator
- Added a manual dice roll mode (touch and hold dice).
- Added dice history graph
- Added dice simulator graph
- Minor bug fixes

Jun 28
Version 3.1

- A minor bug fix for iPhone 3.0 OS when exporting history

Apr 27
Version 3.0

Jan 15
Version 2.0

Dec 18
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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