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Times Tables and Division Tables with multiple difficulty levels, highscores, multiple players, timed quizzes, and progress tracking. Learning the tables can become fun!

Quick overview of features:
- timed quizzes
- highscores
- multiple levels of difficulty
- progress tracking
- multiple players
- multiplication and division tables


"My 7 year old son now WANTS to play with Maths problems"
"Makes learning the times tables fun"
"It's one of the best"
"I like this app it's easy to use and genuinely improves your performance"

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Version History

Launched Oct 24, 2008 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

May 20
Version 3.2.4

Fixing the bug where the player was told they could make two mistake, but the game only allowed them to make one mistake.

May 17
Version 3.2.3

Another bug fix for users that are seeing crashes at the end of a game.

May 12
Version 3.2.2

Bug fix for the crash that certain iOS 9 users have encountered after finishing a quiz.

Aug 29
Version 3.2.1

A couple of bug fixes; there were some navigation buttons that didn't do anything

Aug 23
Version 3.2

This version introduces progress tracking and allows you to easily check how well the players are progressing and if they are playing the right tables!

The UI has also been cleaned up a bit and made easier to use.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send us an email at support@cadigatt.com and if you like this app, please consider leaving a review.

Jul 10
Version 3.1.1

- players can be deleted
- cosmetic fixes

It is possible to delete a player by pressing for a second on their icon in the player list and choosing delete from the menu.

Jun 03
Version 3.1

Now with division tables! Players can progress through division tables, compare highscores, and play quick quizzes with division tables.

Quick quizzes can be played as multiplication tables, division tables, or both.

Sounds have returned together with a button to turn them off and stop the game.

Highscores show the date.

Various quick quiz bug fixes, including timed quizzes not working and question number UI mistakes. The player can also scroll the questions and see their answers.

May 28
Version 3.0.2

- scores are now properly calculated for the different levels (a medium quiz should score more than an easy quiz!)
- contact details have been added
- some translation fixes

May 17
Version 3.0.1

- added Italian localisation
- fixed answer area on iPhone 5
- added responses to questions

May 08
Version 3.0

This is a complete rewrite of the app that properly supports the iPad and iPhone 5, as well as making it easier to use.

If there are multiple players, they can compare their highscore.

Note: an improved version of the custom quiz and competition mode will return in the next version.

Oct 05
Version 2.3.12

This version resolves the incorrect answer bug that was due to players stopping a timed quiz during the question animation.

iPad users can now delete players.

Sep 09
Version 2.3.11

Fixed question bug with some of the quick quizzes.

Sep 07
Version 2.3.10

This version should resolve the problems that people are having with incorrect answers.

Jan 03
Version 2.3.9

Questions appear much larger on the iPad.

Dec 18
Version 2.3.8

Bug fixes and updated contact details

Mar 02
Version 2.3.7

Fixed the bug that prevented the competition mode from working on the iPad

Feb 09
Version 2.3.6

Support for original iPod touch (iOS 3.1.3)

Version 2.3.5
- support for iPad
- support for Retina Display (iPhone 4)

Feb 01
Version 2.3.5

iPad support and retina display images and icons.

Aug 16
Version 2.3.4

Bug fixes and validation to fix broken games.

May 13
Version 2.3.3

Fixed a bug that stopped the highscores from showing.

May 07
Version 2.3.2

- automatically shows the last player
- fixes the "level 4" bug

Apr 07
Version 2.3.1

In the previous versions you could choose whether the questions would appear as 7x1 or 1x7, now there is the option for this to be random.

Mar 23
Version 2.3

Multiple children can now play with their own highscores and progress.

Feb 23
Version 2.2

The progress and highscores for a single table can now be reset.

Nov 20
Version 2.1

- you can now choose to ask 11x and 12x questions in the tables from the settings app;
- cosmetic improvements;
- text messages should be more understandable

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