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"Quite honestly, if you enjoy the game of Mahjong even a little bit, you’d be nuts not to buy this game. It’s the best mahjong available for the iPad or the iPhone" — 148Apps

"Shanghai Mahjong app is the best Mahjong app available on iTunes" — slapapp.com

"This is arguably the best digital version of the game I’ve ever played" — macgamer.com

"absolutely gorgeous!" — gear diary

"If you've been stuck trying to decide which mahjong solitaire game in the App Store will get you the most bang for your buck, it’s time to stop wracking your brain and give Shanghai a try. It’s a gorgeous and über customizable version of the game you know and love" — appadvice.com

"With solid controls, a variety of game modes, and nearly endless customization via direct downloads, Shanghai Mahjong came away the winner in our Games category. — iLounge.com

"13th Top iOS App of all time" - 148Apps

"You’d be seriously hard-pressed to find a nicer looking mahjong app than Shanghai" — appsafari

Shanghai Mahjong, one of the most popular games of all time, returns in this definitive edition. Whether you have two minutes or two hours you'll quickly lose yourself in this classic tile-matching obsession. Shanghai has been carefully designed to look amazing on whichever device you decide to run it on: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


• Photorealistic game tiles
• 50+ tilesets keep the game fresh
• 200 different layouts keep your mind active
• 33 Challenging Game Center achievements
• Unique Windstorm mode adds new game twists
• Personalize with custom backgrounds
• Global Leader boards
• Detailed Game statistics
• Supports your background music
• Post scores to Facebook
• Fully supports iOS4 and the Retina display.

Those that think that classic Mahjong is so 1924 can rest easy. Now you can choose from an ever expanding library of tilesets to keep the game fresh. From Fractals to Trippy Polish Cinema we automatically make new sets available as they're cranked off the production line.

You can further personalize the look of the game with an unlimited selection of backgrounds. Choose images from your photo album or from a selection of custom designed artwork

From fast two minute games to extended head scratchers, quickly choose from over 200 layouts or select one at random each time you start a game.

Wondering if you're king of the tile heap? Now you can see how you stack up against friends and other players world wide. From Morphious Moves to Slaying Dragons Shanghai's 33 built-in Game Achievements are guaranteed to test your zen-mettle in new and challenging ways.

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Version History

Launched Jul 01, 2008 (over 12 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Jul 18
Version 2.0.2

* Fixes bug related to player score history not saving
* iPhone X Support

Jul 10
Version 2.0.1

• Added support for the iPhone X
• Misc reliability improvements.
Please help us spread the word - it will encourage us to continue to update/improve.
Questions / Comments? contact us: support@mobileage.com

Sep 10
Version 2.0.0

• Added support for the latest iOS devices including iPad Pro
• Now fully supported on current and future iOS releases.
• Misc reliability improvements.
Please help us spread the word - it will encourage us to continue to update/improve.
Questions / Comments? contact us: support@mobileage.com

Apr 11
Version 1.8

• Improved depth visuals for iPhone4/iPad
• New Fortune cookie options
• Improved performance
• Dragon Purist leaderboard added
• Stunning new backgrounds
• More tilesets
• Misc Reliability enhancements

Oct 19
Version 1.7

• Game Center support
• 33 Challenging Achievements
• Compare scores with friends and other players

• Share scores on Facebook
• Improved default tileset
• Improved retina display support
• Enhanced iOS4 performance
• Cool New Photorealistic Tilesets
• Misc reliability improvements

Jul 02
Version 1.6.2

• Jaw dropping graphics for iPhone 4 Retina display
• Stunning new tilesets for iPhone 4 Retina display

Jun 10
Version 1.6.1

• Improved scoring/gameplay
• Score/time history for layouts
• Extensive game statistics
• Optional scoring animation
• Misc reliability improvements
• Corrects v1.6 update issue (sorry about that)

Jun 06
Version 1.6

• Improved scoring
• Score/time history for layouts
• Extensive game statistics
• More strategic gameplay
• Misc reliability improvements
• More tilesets

Apr 01
Version 1.5

• Stunning high resolution iPad support
• Unlimited custom backgrounds
• 40+ beautiful tilesets with more coming
• Improved iPhone User Interface
• 200 Layouts
• Misc reliability improvements

Feb 11
Version 1.2

• Solvable layouts ("shuffle" issue fixed)
• Significantly more readable tileset artwork
• Improved game play, help and scoring
• Stunning new tilesets and backgrounds
• Set background images from your photo library
• Improved sounds
• All known 1.1 reliability issues corrected

Aug 24
Version 1.1

• All known 1.0.1 reliability issues corrected
• Enhanced tile zoom popup
• End of game "rewards"
• More tileset art
• Improved art download interface
• Layout improvements

Jul 25
Version 1.0.1

Jul 01
Version 1.0

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