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Phireon is a Cooperatively Owned Social Platform that combines gamification, consensus governance, member-supported initiatives, and real-world activities to take your individual and global goals to the next level of human development.

Phireon leverages distributed governance, and global networks to combine into a cooperatively owned corporation that allows phireon members to come to a consensus and steer spaceship earth together.

Share your story, your dreams, your views, and your opinions to make collective decisions and grow the community, build the business, and share the rewards.

In our approach to gamifying socio corporate life, the member-owners control the data, make decisions together, increase their standing, and earn rewards that lead to life-changing results.

Join Phireon, meet like-minded souls from all over the world who share your values, your struggles, and your goals for a brighter more sustainable, and balanced world. Share your accomplishments, meet-ups, and other social events throughout the year, both live and virtually. Our community events are local, national, regional, and even global. Make new friends, challenge old ones, and receive rewards, prizes, and trips while doing it.

Become the best version of yourself with Phireon.

The Choice is Yours.

_A Little About Us:_

Phireon is a cooperative Social Media App and conscious community of driven people who believe in a brighter more sane future of regenerative agriculture, sustainable goods, and healthy living.

We have a vision of the future that we are building together and a road map to get us there.

Join us, join our community, start today and begin your journey to a complete experience, approach, and a new way of life.

Download Phireon, and take your destiny into your own hands.

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Launched Feb 17, 2021 (8 days ago).
Feb 17
Version 1.0