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World of Wisdom is a simple and fast tool that assists you in revealing Tarot card meanings. An easy-to-use card selection system delivers the information you need right now for readings, research, and study. This is a reference that every serious student of Tarot should have at their fingertips - designed specifically for your iPhone and iPad!
A result of years of research, World of Wisdom embraces classic sources from Alistair Crowley to Rachel Pollack. And, in a leap further, a collection of over 1,700 time-tested wisdoms and sayings have been matched with the cards that best represent their ideas and advice. This achievement alone makes this app worth possessing. IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY BOOK FORM!
But perhaps the most intriguing feature is World of Wisdom's three-card spread reading ability. A melding of classic Tarot interpretation, the included collection of wisdoms, and modern AI techniques, the app will analyze the Past, Present, and Future cards and SHOW you how they interact with each other, providing a path of understanding for you and your client.
No subscription plan - just the initial cost! There is no advertising or come-ons, add-ons, or half-features. Try it!

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Launched Oct 18, 2020 (3 months ago).
Oct 22
Version 3.0

Ready for Dark Mode, bug fixes.

Oct 18
Version 2.0