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WidgetPet! Meet your new best friend. Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Pets might not be able to tell you about all their adventures, but your WidgetPet can!

Hop on into the WidgetPet pet shop and pick a companion. Care for your WidgetPet and they'll share stories about their day and tell you about their adventures. Feed, water, love and even put your WidgetPet to sleep if they're feeling tired.

Keep your WidgetPet close at all times and monitor their feelings and health stats. You can add their widget to your device so you can monitor them easily right by your side! Take good care of your WidgetPet and they'll be happy to share their emotions throughout the day (and night!) as their widget updates with their latest activities.

WidgetPets are the perfect virtual pet companion. Pick one out today for Free!

About Us: WidgetPet is brand new and we'll be working hard on lots of new exciting upcoming features in the coming months. We'd love to hear your feedback, comments, and anything you'd like to see differently in the app or brought to your WidgetPet. We hope you are as excited as us and off to a great start with you new WidgetPet!

Support/Feedback: https://widgetpets.com/contact/
Privacy: https://widgetpets.com/privacy
Terms: https://widgetpets.com/terms

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Version History

Launched Oct 01, 2020 (22 days ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 days, on average.

Oct 21
Version 1.5

-Now you can "pet" your WidgetPet by swiping across your pet in the app. Give it a try today and watch your WidgetPet shower you in hearts!
-New WidgetPets have arrived including exotic wild animals, farm animals, animated pets, sea life, and more! Get the Expanded Pet Pack to unlock them all.

-minor bug fixes, stability improvements, UI/aesthetic optimizations
-haptic feedback added

Oct 14
Version 1.4

-We heard you! - Now you can pick and change your WidgetPet's widget colors anytime you want for any mood or just to rejuvenate your widget.
-Give your pet a new look. Introducing Accessories on select WidgetPets - Deck selected WidgetPets out with style and personality with new accessories and outfits! (requires the Expanded Pet Pack)

stability and optimization improvements

Oct 09
Version 1.3

-introduces the Expanded Pet Pack (previously aka Premium Pet Pack) which now has more stories from your pet of adventures and reactions + unlocks all additional WidgetPets [note: if you already had purchased the Premium Pet Pack, you'll now have the even better Expanded Pet Pack automatically!]

-stability improvements, bug fixes

Oct 08
Version 1.2

minor bug fixes, UI improvements

Oct 06
Version 1.1

-new WidgetPets in the Pet Shop!
-pets can now celebrate their birthdays and you can track your pet's age
-enhanced pet responses to care taking actions and/or lack of
-in app purchases (Ad Removal option, Unlock Premium Pet Pack)

-minor bug fixes, stability/UI improvements

Oct 01
Version 1.0

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