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SmashexPro is a unique and entertaining piece of App that helps you turn your pictures into fun video clips also has games to play. This app essentially lets you create videos with catchy soundtracks and unique transitions. SmashexPro is a handy option if you want to create short clips on the fly. For those who want to connect with their friends and loved ones and want to create special video then you are in the right place.

Before you create your first video, you will have to select a handful of photos. Then you need to select a transition style which suits you. The final step in this process is adding background music to the video if you wish for it.

Any music that you have on your music library can be set as the background music. Then you have to select the desired 15seconds from the selected music.

Find a space shooting game with beautiful visuals, great sound effects,Drone Attack is the one you are looking for.
If you are a fan of gaming, you must like it! It feels great when you destroy those enemy ships.
You have to move up-down and keep destroying enemy ships along the way and stay away from energy balls. Play as much as you can and achieve the highest score. The game starts off a bit slow and easy but it gets faster and harder the longer you keep playing.
Don't miss any enemy because they can ruin your entire scoreline. Take Space Drops to get limited-time 2 bullet fire.

It is a good piece of app for those who want to try out something new. You will eventually be able to produce eye-catching videos in a matter of minutes. Download Now and Get to use amazing SmashexPro App.

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Launched Sep 25, 2020 (about 1 month ago).
Oct 06
Version 1.0.1

- bug fixes
- adding game

Sep 25
Version 1.0