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Turn on your city tycoon mode and build a beautiful and progressive city that is loved by all the citizens.

Build a City and Please Your Citizens
Are you looking for a city simulator game to build a city and become a landlord tycoon? The new city builder is designed to help you learn and explore all about building, upgrading and managing a city as best as you can. You can view your inventory to add houses, buildings and commercial shops in the land.

Upgrade Houses and Commercial areas
Use cash and your power to upgrade building and unlock city life facilities for your citizens. Provide your citizens with streetlights, taxi service, parking lot, gas, electricity, waste disposal services, and water services. You can also add public transport to have fun in the game.

Earn from city or give money to citizens
Make idle cash from the city and use it on your citizens to become a landlord tycoon. Purchase a car or a helicopter to enjoy terrestrial and aerial view of the city streets and buildings. Donate money to needy citizens and make your city prosper.

Manage Economy of your city
This game is all about checking how good you are at managing the economy of your city. Check your skills of how best you can utilize the cash flow to upgrade city from time to time. Expand the city and please more citizens by beautifying the city with trees, streetlights and other facilities.

How to play Tiny Landlord: Idle City SIM

- Download and launch the city building games in your device
- Start the city builder simulation and build city as you wish
- Make idle cash in the city simulator and use it to improve city life
- Choose buildings and houses to add in your city and upgrade them
- Features of Tiny Landlord – Idle City & Town Building Simulator
- Simple and easy city builder games UI/UX
- Appealing city simulator app offering you a vast land with many building options
- Build or upgrade houses, shops or any other commercial buildings
- Use your cash to unlock and plant trees, add streetlights and bike stands along with other items
- Use your landlord tycoon power to unlock basic city life facilities such as electricity, public transportation and garbage disposal
- Explore your city by taking your car or enjoy the view from helicopter
- Magnanimous build city game with endless building and upgrading options
- Become a good idle tycoon city economy manager by using resources wisely
- Earn idle tycoon cash supplied to you from the city or donate money to needy citizens
- View the streets, play areas, main commercial areas and residential areas as you wish
- Take city life feedback from your city simulator citizens and change services accordingly
- Receive gifts and praise from your citizens to increase your treasure and work with more efficiency

Are you ready to play one of the most exciting and versatile city building games available online?
This city builder game is here for you.
Download and play Tiny Landlord today!

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Version History

Launched Jul 28, 2020 (4 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 days, on average.

Nov 20
Version 0.4.8

- More languages added
- Chat functions
- Bugfixes

Nov 15
Version 0.4.7

- Chat with your citizens
- Minor updates and bugfixes

Nov 13
Version 0.4.6

- Fixed a bug when selecting misc. elements
- Minor updates and bugfixes

Nov 09
Version 0.4.4

- Longer Speed Up time
- Crimes/fire accidents to less harm

Nov 07
Version 0.4.3

- Fixed the bug with low happiness
- Minor improvements

Nov 06
Version 0.4.0

- Minor updates and bugfixes

Nov 03
Version 0.3.9

- Parking garage settings
- Public transportation feature
- Crimes
- Fire accidents
- Buildings overview layer
- Statistics
- Additional background music
- Minor interface updates and bugfixes

Sep 13
Version 0.3.0

- Bugfixes

Sep 08
Version 0.2.7

- Cash statistics
- Minor updates and bugfixes

Sep 03
Version 0.2.6

- Lower buildtimes
- Electricity, Recycling, Water resources

Aug 13
Version 0.1.7

- Minor changes, several bugfixes

Jul 28
Version 0.1.4

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