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Caption Tools allows users to create clean and effective captions for their brand or business with ease. Whether it is creating clean line breaks, adding formatting to your caption, saving drafts for later use or modification or saving hashtag groups for use in your captions, Caption Tools increases productivity and allows for less time creating stunning captions and more time for interacting with your followers.

Caption Tools Features:
- Create and save unlimited captions
- Create and save unlimited hashtag groupings
- Format captions with bold and italic text
- Preview your caption before you share it
- All features are subscription free

* Clean Line Breaks *
Creating line breaks and spacing in your captions or bios has never been easier than with Caption Tools. Simply type your caption and Caption Tools does all the work for you!

* Text Formatting *
Adding style that makes your captions pop more than any others is possible with Caption Tools. With bold and italic font at your disposal, emphasize your most important information and increase follower interaction

* Draft Saving *
Save your caption drafts and edit them whenever you want! Caption Tools takes social media marketing productivity to the next level

* Hashtag Groupings *
Create pre-made hashtag groupings that can be inserted into your captions with the tap of a button! With Caption Tools you no longer have to type each hashtag individually.

* Preview Caption *
Preview in the app what your caption is going to look like on Instagram!

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Version History

Launched Jun 23, 2020 (8 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Sep 24
Version 1.1.1

Changes & Improvements in this update:
- Font changes & fixes
- Link fixes in the settings section
- Preface for big preview update

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Jun 29
Version 1.1

Name Change and User Experience Improvements:
- Dark Mode Added
- Cleaned up the UI
- Improved the Instagram preview to be more accurate
- Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Jun 25
Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Jun 23
Version 1.0

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