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Kids' most favourite pretend play mini town presents another amazing surprise for its little lovers. This fully interactive fun pretend game now provides you hours of entertainment in a very interesting shopping mall environment. Where kids can make wonderful stories in full fun shopping store games. Let’s experience hours of imaginative pretend play in 5 exciting locations. Do lots of activities in every shop of superstore and explore the limits of your imagination.

Visit the new supermarket of the mini town games with your family. Let’s get cash through an ATM machine and start your non stop fun.

Let’s start making stories with amazing garment stores. Style up with the latest fashion outfits. Try some other stuff like stylish hats, shades, shoes and enjoy your shopping with these interesting mini town games. Oh there is a fancy jewelry section for ladies. Girls! put eye wear on, try classic necklaces and bracelets and take lovely pictures in the photo booth.

It’s time to buy groceries… our mini town supermarket has everything you need. Pick up the trolley and collect all for your home from every section of this superstore and add up a little more in making a story of shopping for home.

Ohhh tasty smell is coming from the mini town cafe. Let’s eat something delicious. Try anything you want. Pizza, burger, steak, fries or maybe sandwich. Drink your favourite coffee or icy slush and make wonderful eating stories.

This is the best part of the supermarket of these mini town games because kids can buy lots of amazing toys and sparkling firecrackers from these interesting pretend games. Buy anything for your little crazy hearts, party hats, balloons, musical instruments, headphones, cars, robots even rockets. Wow amazing...

What! kids are shocked when they look at candy stores… that’s a big problem now you can't handle them. Hahahaha… Best mini town shopping store games have lots of presents for its cute little friends. Let’s go in there and buy for your sweet tooth. Different kinds of candies, pop corn, cotton candy and soft milky ice cream make you a little crazy…

So this is gonna be great fun. Start exciting pretend play games and make the most amazing funny shopping mall stories with your interesting mini town and find out lots of hidden fun… Enjoy...

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Launched Jun 05, 2020 (4 months ago).
Jun 05
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