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VTube Studio is your all-in-one solution for becoming a Live2D Virtual YouTuber like the pros!

With VTube Studio, you can easily load your own Live2D models directly on your iPhone or iPad (must support Face ID) and become one with them using high-quality face tracking. You can also use VTube Studio for macOS or Windows to stream the face tracking data directly to your computer and animate the model there and use it in your own videos and livestreams!

For more information on how to download the macOS and Windows versions or how to load your own models (it's easy!), please refer to the documentation and video tutorials at https://denchisoft.github.io/

Note: VTube Studio is officially licensed to use the Live2D Cubism SDK.

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Version History

Launched May 31, 2020 (8 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 05
Version 1.5.2

This version adds animated items to the VTube Studio Item System. You can now import PNG sequences to put animated items into your scene or pin them directly onto your model. This version also fixes crashes some users were experiencing when pinning items to their models.

Dec 22
Version 1.5.0

This version introduces the VTube Studio Item System! Add your own image props directly to the scene or pin them to your Live2D model. You can now also take screenshots directly from within the app and share them on social media with one click! You can even take PNG screenshots with transparent background, for example to use them in thumbnails for your streams or videos.

Nov 17
Version 1.4.1

Performance and stability improvements. Should fix some tracking glitches and crashes.

Sep 22
Version 1.4.0

Full iOS 14 compatibility, including support for iPhone SE 2020! New features: Hotkeys to set model position/size/rotation. Also, lists (Live2D parameters, etc.) now have a filter so it's easier to find what you want!

Aug 28
Version 1.3.2

New functionality: More face tracking parameters (separate brows, ...), FPS options, fixed rotation bug, mouse/touch tracking as input, tap screen to trigger hotkey, better UI click handling (no more accidental clicks), improved texture and mask quality, physics settings, wind settings, "streaming mode" (save energy and decrease heating), UI/UX improvements and various other bugfixes.

Jul 26
Version 1.2.2

New functionality: Hotkeys triggering animations (.motion3.json) and expressions (exp3.json). / Use your phone as remote: Hotkeys are sent to PC app. / Settings, last model and background are saved and restored when you restart the app. / App can automatically scan for local server now. / Big model animation performance improvement.

Jun 25
Version 1.0.2

日本語版 / Japanese translation. Auto Distance/Position movement. Quick-Calibration. Easy In-App video recording and sharing (Twitter, etc.). Support for portrait-upside-down mode. Various bugfixes, for example wrong camera aspect ratio. Improved stability and error handling.

May 31
Version 1.0.1

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