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For our Ghost Hunter friends this tool will allow you to use your Apple device to scan for human figures. Ghost SLS works as an SLS Emulator to so you can get results without buying an expensive camera.

The camera filters allow you to determine if the figure detected could be due to the lighting conditions of the area so you can spot false positives.

Because this is not a true SLS camera your results in low light may be less reliable. Because of this it is recommended that you turn on your camera's torch light if you are scanning in dark areas.

You can also snap photos of what you catch to share with your friends or other investigators.

Join our group chat to discuss ghostly things with other users.

If things get a little spooky we recommend turning on some lights and taking a break from the app for a while. :)

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Version History

Launched Mar 29, 2020 (10 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 days, on average.

Jun 16
Version 1.4.4

Fixing a bug where the app may crash when trying to post to the chat.

Jun 14
Version 1.4.3

• Added a new 'typing' indicator to the chat to let you know when someone is responding

Jun 12
Version 1.4.2

This update fixes an issue where you were connected to the chat after leaving the app. You are now disconnected from the chat whenever you leave the app which is the intended behavior.

Jun 12
Version 1.4.1

Updated logging to help us understand how you use the app

May 26
Version 1.4

• Added the ability to change your chat name in the device settings
• Added the ability to reset your blocked messages and users in the device settings
• You can now check the current version and build number in the device settings
• Chat moderators can now reward you by removing reports if you behave
• The store has changed, check out the Rock Shop from the Info Screen
• Updated chat admin tools

May 21
Version 1.3

We've added the option to go ad-free

Apr 21
Version 1.2

• Removing the spooky sound that everyone hates :(
• Improving chat logging to help us understand how you use the app

Apr 10
Version 1.1

Small UI update for the chat and fixed a bug in the intro screen where the text was editable and you couldn't dismiss the keyboard.

Mar 30
Version 1.0

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