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>> Autocart only works with some select websites
>> Please see our Terms of Use before purchasing


• The lowest-cost, all-in-one automatic ordering solution
• Full store directory for supported stores (including upcoming items!)
• See all the features and functionality of the app before you decide to purchase
• Accessible and honest, one-time purchase for a lifetime unlock
• Pay once, unlock on ANY device signed into your same Apple ID for no additional charge!
• No complex setup, just pick your items and go
• Store inventory status monitor
• Order currently available and upcoming items at the same time, in the same order (save on shipping costs)
• Full store listings just before new items become available (for supported stores)
• Supports multiple store regions (if supported by store)
• Important updates directly in the order page, so we can alert you to certain conditions, changes or key advice quickly
• Report a issue to developers right from the app, so we can help you as fast as possible
• Automatic restart to retry the order if an error occurs


• No login or credentials required, your orders remain totally anonymous and private
• Personal details are only ever stored on your device, in secure storage, and only ever sent to the websites you choose at checkout time
• Choose to stop the bot instantly by pressing "Stop" or leaving the app
• Option to nuke all your saved data in one click


• Select item sizing on a per-item basis
• Item backup sizings on a per-item basis (if your selected size goes out of stock)
• Select item style on a per-item basis
• Item backup style on a per-item basis (if you selected style goes out of stock)
• Multiple items can be added to your cart, which will all be ordered at once
• Multiple webstore region support (select stores only)


• Change the app icon to best match your homescreen
• Disable images & ad tracking on certain pages for faster page loading
• Disable web styles (CSS) for faster loading times
• Item drop time & headstart (specify a time to start the bot and how soon it should headstart refresh)
• Cart mode, so you can review the cart before payment completes
• Require full order, so the bot will cancel the order if it can't order everything in the basket
• Privacy mode (hides your personal details when showing the bot to others, such as on video)
• Slow mode (monitor the behaviour of the bot if you like)
• Stop on out-of-stock (either terminate the bot if an item is out of stock or keep going with the order anyway)
• Out of stock fallback (choose which other styles/colors/model to try to add to basket if your favourites are unavailable)
• Fast failsafes to ignore items that will not load or are badly formed (set "Require Full Order to "Off")
• Checkout delay (±0.1s), the time the bot waits before clicking the Checkout button
• Add to cart delay (±0.1s), the time the bot waits before adding items to the cart
• Link click delay (±0.1s), this delay will be applied before the bot performs any action
• Max attempt item (±0.2s), forces the bot to stop trying to order an item if it is taking too long.
• Custom delay to start the bot (bot will start at the exact, custom time you have selected)


• Select a backup size
• Select a backup style
• This will be selected if your preferred choice is out-of-stock
• Choose whether size or style is the preferred metric, we search for the backup according to this preference and add the best-matched item to the cart
• Choose backups on a per-item basis
• Automatic restart to retry the order if an error occurs


• Supports iPhone and iPad
• Native and optimised for iOS 14

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Primary: Shopping

Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Mar 11, 2020 (12 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 days, on average.

Feb 06
Version 2021.1

• Added support for new store seasons
• Added all-new, clearer design for the shop
• Added 3 new app icons: Sky, Fire and Inversion
• Improved visibility of upcoming and active store items in the shop
• Improved visual design of the basket
• Improved visual consistency of many UI elements
• Improved speed finding drop items
• Improved detection of store closure
• Minor bug fixes

Dec 22
Version 2020.33

• Improved design of the Autocart page to be more clear
• Improved design of the Autocart countdown page
• Improved descriptions of some options
• Resolves an issue where the 'State' or 'Province' would sometimes not be selected during checkout
• Resolves minor visual display issues
• Resolves minor speed and reliability issues

Nov 16
Version 2020.32

• Add support for landscape mode on iPhone and iPod Touch
• Fix positioning of web close buttons to be more consistent with the rest of the system
• Add some haptic events for supported devices

Oct 03
Version 2020.31

• Add cap sizing
• Prevent device sleep while the bot is running
• Improved error messages if you've picked the wrong sizing category

Sep 27
Version 2020.30

• Improved positioning of the Tip button
• Improved visuals when you unlock Autocart
• Improved basket status indicator
• Resolves some minor UI issues

Sep 20
Version 2020.29

• iOS 14 support and bug-fixes
• Improved bot status indicator design
• Improved animations, there is now less annoying flare between transisitions
• Resolves a known bug when selecting control options
• Resolves animation glitches when editing profiles and cards
• Resolves an issue where selected cards and profiles may not correctly populate the fields
• Resolves cramped website entry text box on some displays
• Resolves minor UI alignment issues

Sep 09
Version 2020.28

• Resolves issue where some pages on the iPad would be confusing
• Resolves minor performance issues

Sep 02
Version 2020.27

• Add iPad support
• Improved cold-launch speed
• Resolves an issue where the success dialogue would not appear
• Resolves rare issue where some options could not be changed
• Resolves rare issue where some views would have unresponsive controls

Aug 23
Version 2020.26

• Options has a new, simplified design
• Automatic restart is now always, automatically enabled
• Improved item list design in the store, larger images and titles
• Improved status indicators throughout
• Improved behaviour modifier labels on the bot
• Improved timing modifier controls
• Improved toggle modifier controls
• Improved explanations for all options
• Improved speed of resolving store items
• Improved and simplified bot start page
• Resolves occasional choppy animations on the bot status indicator
• Resolves an issue where the bot could get stuck on "Waiting for drop..."
• Resolves a rare issue where incorrect keyword matches could occur
• Added option to give tip to support Autocart

Aug 18
Version 2020.25

• Resolves an issue where the store will get stuck 'Loading'
• Resolves an issue where the restore purchase button was not very clear

Jul 09
Version 2020.24

• Improved re-verify unlock page after an update
• Improved re-verification process, the app should now unlock automatically after an update

Jul 08
Version 2020.23

• Added all-new design in the store browser
• Added customisable app icon
• Added behaviour labels to the bot status, making it easier to understand bot behaviour
• Added warnings when cards have expired, you must fix issues before the bot will start
• Added warnings when card numbers appear to be invalid
• Added support for Discover card in America
• Added drop support for only "Any Style" as an option if upcoming styles are unknown
• Added Terms of Use to the Pre-Flight Checks
• Improved design throughout, let us know what doesn't work so well!
• Improved visibility of the Pre-Flight Checks warnings
• Improved design of the bot running indicator
• Improved card month/year expiry date entry fields
• Improved information about secure card and profile storage
• Improved COD support for Asia
• Resolves an issue where the selected style name was not shown for upcoming items
• Resolves an issue where unsupported payment methods could appear based on your current region
• Resolves subtle bugs and issues

Jun 17
Version 2020.22

• Improved ordering reliability

May 26
Version 2020.21

• Improved ordering resilience
• Card vendor selection now shows the icon of the card vendor
• Resolves issue where the bot would not automatically restart if the order fails at checkout

May 19
Version 2020.20

• Adds support for Mexico to the America region
• Improved design for profile and card management
• Improved color matching for upcoming items, which should help with finding item colors, even if the listing is incorrect
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

May 12
Version 2020.19

• Resolves an issue where "Require Full Order" would not always be respected
• Resolves layout issues on the bot status view

May 12
Version 2020.18

• Adds stock level indicator to the 'Any Size' size picker
• Improved design of the bot status indicator
• Resolves autofill issues for the America region
• Moved region selector option to the profile page

May 12
Version 2020.17

• Improves backup size and style selection mechanism, where we will use your backup option under more conditions (if your primary option cannot be found)
• Resolves a rare issue where the bot would fail to start, which could cause the bot to enter a rapid restart-loop

May 05
Version 2020.16

• Improved reliability when ordering (should help with card declines that some of you have experienced)
• Improved the About page
• Added more informative bot status messages
• Added current time at the top of the captcha and bot pages
• Resolves issue where item styles may not be able to be found in the store by allowing similar color names to be matched if appropriate (e.g. Olive -> Green, Blue -> Royal)

Apr 29
Version 2020.15

• Improve clarity of the Purchase Restore button
• Slightly reduces the install size of the app
• Resolves a rare issue where pressing the "Stop" button would fail to stop the bot

Apr 24
Version 2020.14

• Improve reliability and clarity of the purchase screen
• Order upcoming and available items at the same time (supported webstores only)
• Resolves an issue where some items would be unable to be ordered
• Resolves an issue where outdated "Upcoming" items would not be removed from the basket
• Resolves minor visual issues and inconsistencies

Apr 22
Version 2020.13

• Orders should now complete successfully a greater proportion of the time
• Dramatically improved and simplified design for the order page, which is now organised into 3 seperate pages
• Past upcoming items now display for up to 48 hours after an item drop has occured (up from 90 minutes)
• Drop Time settings are now remembered (no more entering the same time again and again!)
• The "Store" page is now the "Shop" page
• The "Order" page is now the "Autocart" page
• The title of the Autocart page now shows the current time
• Add an option to clear all data
• Resolves an issue where auto-filled pickers would appear to be incorrect
• Resolves an issue where the app file cache would grow too large, using excessive storage (this should resolve within 5 days for most users)
• Resolves an issue where items would occasionally not show up for Asia

Apr 15
Version 2020.12

• Resolves an issue where the wrong item could be selected in the store
• Resolves an issue where item pages would not load when the bot is running

Apr 15
Version 2020.11

• Further improved ordering reliability
• Improved design of the live bot status updates
• Improved reliability of item timeouts
• Improved help and support section
• Improved settings defaults
• Resolves issues where the app could crash randomly

Apr 13
Version 2020.10

• Improved ordering reliability
• Improved app reliability
• New option to automatically restart the bot if an error occurs (selected by default)
• Design refinements
• "Show Sold Out" option state is now saved
• Improved error messages
• Resolves an issue where item directories would not load in North America
• Resolves an issue where the checkout button may not be clicked by the bot
• Resolves an issue where "Operation Cancelled" could occur after the bot starts
• Resolves an issue where the state of image blocking would not change
• Resolves minor text layout issues
• Additional minor bug fixes

Apr 02
Version 2020.9

• Resolves a critical issue where in-app purchases could not be restored
• Less annoying animations

Mar 29
Version 2020.8

• Improved and reorganised interface elements for a more pleasant user experience
• Improved animations
• Tap to view images full-screen when viewing an item
• Support for quantity selection for upcoming items (select stores only)
• Default clothing item sizes are now "Any Size"
• Bug fixes

Mar 25
Version 2020.7

- Fixes an issue where existing purchases could not be restored
- Fixes other various issues with in-app purchase

Mar 24
Version 2020.6

The app now is free upfront with an In-App Purchase to unlock the bot feature.
This gives you the option to look around before deciding to purchase the full experience.

Please see our website (blog) for more information.

If you have already bought the app (from a previous version), just press the "Restore Purchase" button.
If you experience any issues, please email support@autocart.page.

Other content:
- Fixes various bugs on iOS 13.4

Mar 22
Version 2020.5

- New live status shown as orders are taking place
- New check to make sure you are on the latest app version for the best ordering experience
- New error messages to show you why an order failed
- Improved item loading screen
- Important messages box will now hide if there are no messages
- Improved failsafes, if an item will not load, we now continue with the other items in your basket (optional)
- Improved ordering reliability
- Pants and normal sizes will be conflated if you have selected the incorrect size class for a given item
- Resolves a display issue where the web browser would not fill the whole screen
- Resolves an issue where some upcoming items would be removed from the basket randomly
- Resolves an issue where "Require Full Order" would not always be respected
- Resolves an issue where pants sizes would not appear for upcoming items
- Resolves an issue where sometimes no items would show in the "Upcoming Items" view
- Resolves a crash that could occur when viewing an item
- Resolves an issue where 'any size' would not be automatically selected if it was your default size

Mar 19
Version 2020.4

- Add an "Important Messages" section to the Order page, to alert of any special actions that need to be taken
- Fix issue where an item with a similar name may incorrectly be selected and ordered

Mar 19
Version 2020.3

- Reduces internal latency for decreased order times
- Increased likelihood of upcoming orders completing successfully
- Adds option to set lower values for Max Attempt Item, allowing for faster orders of multiple items, even if one of the pages for an item will not load
- The order screen now orders time selection before captcha completion
- The order screen now provides more detailed help information
- The order button is now titled more appropriately if you are waiting for an upcoming time
- The basket will now automatically remove outdated or unavailable items
- Resolves an issue where some listed items could not be selected
- Resolves an issue where ordering would fail for some upcoming items
- Resolves an issue where the selection of backup styles would not present correctly
- Resolves an issue where items would sometimes be removed from the basket
- Fixes some pesky crashes that would occur seemingly randomly
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements through low-level optimisations

Mar 12
Version 2020.2

- Select default sizes for clothes and shoes
- Options are better organized
- Resolves an issue where Large items would be ordered instead of XLarge on some stores due to a fault in the pattern matching system

Mar 11
Version 2020.1

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