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Make free predictions on reality TV, celebs, trending events and more. Why? To win legit prizes.

What if you could guess who will get voted off Love Island?
Or how many likes Kendall Jenner will get on her next Insta post? Or what designer Gigi will wear to the Met Gala (whenever it happens)?

Well, now you can.

How it works:
1. You are given a bunch of free coins daily
2. Make predictions on topics that interest you. The more you wager the more you win back.
3.If you win, you get rewarded with stars (think of them as tickets)
4. Redeem your stars and coins for real prizes in our loyalty store (prizes range from Glossier all the way to Gucci).

Other cool things we got going on:

Ask a friend - So, you know who want's to be a Millionaire where you get to phone a friend for help? This is pretty much it. You can share a question with any friend regardless if they have the app or not. THEY DO NOT NEED THE APP TO RESPOND. They just get served the question and can send their response straight back to you. Cool hey?

Leaderboards - Yeah we keep track. We categorized it and stuff too. Stay at the top and you may start to earn secret rewards.

Past plays - So we've noticed people love stats. For pretty much errrythang. So after each bet played you get to see how the majority before you has voted. And it doesn't stop there my friend. We've created a whole feed dedicated to past bets so now you can scroll away and be hit with all the results of previous plays.

Personality questions and Polls - Because they're fun okay. Who doesn't love figuring out which reality TV villain they are or how many people think that Pilot Pete's mom is just a little crazy?

A couple of suggestions:

- Notifications are worth keepin' on. You will have no idea if you've won prizes otherwise!
- Drop a profile photo in, would yah? The app looks better this way.


We have tons of new features soon to be released including friend to friend challenges, new categorization and virtual rewards.

With that being said we would love to hear from you. Send all of your thoughts to support@goss.media and we'll be sure to get back to you. (p.s. you can give feedback from within the app as well ;) )


Disclaimer - we as a business can not condone cheating. If users make multiple accounts unfortunately all we can do is delete the user. Some reviews are complaining that the app is frozen, when in reality those users have been banned and the app has locked them out, not allowing them to play due to creating multiple accounts. We hope all of our users playing can understand if we were to allow cheating, we would never be able to continue operating as we would be losing money like crazy. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

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Version History

Launched Feb 18, 2020 (8 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 20 days, on average.

Oct 14
Version 3.5.4

- bug fixes
- push to browse

Oct 13
Version 3.5.3

- bug fixes

Oct 10
Version 3.5.2

Bug fixes

Oct 04
Version 3.5.1

- bug fixes

Sep 13
Version 3.5

- new quests added
- new profile design
- bugs and fixes

Jul 31
Version 3.4

- New browse functionality
- New article search
- bugs and minor UI improvements

Jul 09
Version 3.3

- Apple signin
-Bug fixes

Jun 20
Version 3.2.1

• Improved Analytics
• bugs fixing

Jun 04
Version 3.2

• Adjusted loading speed
• Superior ordering of posts
• Design improvements
• Updated icons
• Loyalty store tab creation
• Ability to see game results once played.
• Minor bug fixes

May 10
Version 3.1

Little bit of this little bit of that:
• new structure for posts stacking
• country code login
• login waiting and additional error screen added
• icons fixed

May 01
Version 3.0

Pretty much everything.

• New home feed
• New loyalty store
• New profile
• New notification centre
• New leaderboards
• New categories

Along with other UI changes and bug fixes

Feb 27
Version 2.0

Some ui improvements

Feb 18
Version 1.0

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