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Make the most of your AREA15 experience by downloading the AREA15 mobile app. Purchase ticket to all of the AREA15 experiences, activations and event. Use the app to build particle counts inside – and outside – of AREA15 to earn loyalty rewards to enter The Lifeforce, which will unlock the true secret behind the AREA15 backstory.

AREA15 is an immersive playground, all rolled into a vast and vibrant space. Use the app to throw an axe, wander through a bamboo volcano, race on a zip line, or explore other mesmerizing realms. From the throwback to the futuristic, the family-friendly to the thrill-seeking, there’s an experience for everyone here.

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Version History

Launched Sep 07, 2020 (about 2 months ago).
Oct 12
Version 1.0.2


Sep 07
Version 1.0