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Amalgam: A curated collection of professional effects, released together in seasons.

All effects are chosen to be powerful, yet self-contained (meaning no external devices are required), whilst remaining easy to perform!

Amalgam includes instructions as well as various settings and even includes a filtered discussion section for user-submitted tips and routines.

Season one of Amalgam brings:

* Streets *
Streets is finally back!
John Archer has given his exclusive permission for this remake of his popular Streets app, which now incorporates new features including a modernised real map and a new "gyro crib".

- Divine where in the world your spectator is thinking of!
- A book test with no memory work required.
- A new "legitimate mode" which supports all languages.

* TimedOut *
A customisable prediction effect that's all in your spectator's hands. Predict a number, dice roll, ESP symbol, star sign or more.

- Prediction can be an image in your Photos or perhaps a drawing.
- After making your prediction, you do not touch the phone again.
- No Internet or Bluetooth required: nothing is sent to or from the device.
- Your spectator checks the prediction themselves: the phone remains in their hands!
- No voice recognition!
- Perfect for pairing with other electronic mentalism effects: reveal a photo from two days ago of you predicting their dice roll, which even they don't know yet!

* Watch *
A revelation of a freely chosen time. Your spectator zooms in to a wristwatch in a photograph to find it's set to the time they just named.

- Customisable: use your own photo.
- Any time can be named to the minute.
- Novel input method: no voice recognition.
- No Internet or Bluetooth required: nothing is sent to or from the device.

* Wordsearch *
Seemingly demonstrate superhuman memory abilities with this word search game from Harry De Cruz. Although you only look at the word search for a couple of seconds, you can reveal the positions and directions of all words hiding within.

- Method keeps memory work to a minimum: if you know the alphabet, you can perform this effect.
- No need to secretly obtain information during the effect.
- Phone remains in the spectator's hands.
- And again, no Internet or Bluetooth required: nothing is sent to or from the device.

Each effect includes detailed in-app instructions and settings.

Amalgam and its effects are for entertainment purposes only, designed for professional performers. This app does not provide true mind reading abilities or anything similar.

Please get in touch to discuss TV or video performance rights.

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Version History

Launched Mar 09, 2020 (29 days ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 days, on average.

Apr 02
Version 1.1.1

- Tags in Discussion.
- Wordsearch Confetti Setting.
- Fixed TimedOut UI.
- Fixed TimedOut drawing glitch on older phones.
- Fixed Wordsearch "blind spots" on older phones.
- URL scheme added.

Mar 28
Version 1.1

- Gyro crib display once setting.
- UI additions.
- API fixes.

- Font setting added
- Colour setting added.
- Swipe up with three fingers to reset.

- Now retains highlighted words.
- Displays what letters are being dragged.
- Words are now removed from list when highlighted.
- Gives "Congratulations" message on completion.
- Added confetti.

Mar 22
Version 1.0.4

- More Watch fixes for older phones.
- More Streets options.

Mar 22
Version 1.0.3

- Watch effect now vibrates for older devices.
- A few optimisations.

Mar 20
Version 1.0.2

- UI bugs fixed pertaining to Dark Mode.
- Other small bug fixes.

Mar 10
Version 1.0.1

- Fixed a small bug with the Watch effect.

Mar 10
Version 1.0

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