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Yalla Lite is the lightweight version of Yalla, which is the most popular Live Group Voice Talking and Entertaining Community.

Advantages of Yalla Lite:
- Less Size: Faster to install and saves space on your phone
- Faster Speed: Enjoy classic features at a faster speed

Meet new friends is never easier:
Choose group voice rooms from THOUSANDS live rooms daily, filter rooms by Countries or Topics. 50+ Countries have already been covered, while tons of topics are available to choose from.

Party with friends with no distance:
Group voice talk with friends no matter where they are, broadcast your favorite music inside the room, sing karaoke together, and play a range of games directly in group chat. Let's get the party started.


TOTALLY FREE — Enjoy free live voice chat over 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi.

PUBLIC CHAT ROOMS — Browse THOUSANDS live chat rooms from NEARBY or AROUND THE WORLD that cover thousands of topics.

PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS — Start private one-on-one text and voice conversations with your friends from anywhere in the world.

VIRTUAL GIFTS — Stunning animated gifts can be sent out to express your love.

Follow us to get the latest news, updates and events:
Website: www.yalla.live/yallaLite.html

Dear users, your feedback and suggestions are welcomed to: yallasupport@yalla.live

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched Jan 05, 2020 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Sep 28
Version 1.2.2

1. تمت إضافة عنصر جديد في المتجر: أي دي غرفة مميز.
2. يمكنك تغيير اسم العرض لأصدقائك حتى تتمكن من التعرف عليهم بسهولة.
3. يمكنك الآن تعيين سعر محدد ونطاق عدد لرقم الحظ في غرفتك.
4. يمكنك الآن إرفاق ما يصل إلى 3 لقطات شاشة في وقت واحد عند إرسال اشتكاء أو الأسئلة الشائعة والانطباعات.
5. تحسينات أخرى في الأداء.

1. Added a new item in the store: Unique Room ID
2. You can change the display name for your friends so you can easily recognize them.
3. You can now set the price and number range of Lucky Number in your room.
4. You can now attach up to 3 screenshots at a time when submitting report or feedback.
5. Other performance improvements.

Jun 22
Version 1.2.1

1. يحتوي مشغل موسيقى الغرفة الآن على شريط تحكم وزر تكرار الأغنية.
2. تباع الآن أقفال الغرفة كعناصر اشتراك.
3. يتم عرض أسعار عمليات الشراء داخل التطبيق بالعملة المحلية.
4. تحسينات الأداء الأخرى

1. The room music player now has a seekbar and a song repeat button.
2. Room locks are now sold as subscription items.
3. Prices for in-app purchases are displayed in local currency.
4. Other performance improvements.

Jan 14
Version 1.0.1

1. Fixed several bugs
2. Improved user experience

Jan 06
Version 1.0.0

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