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Have you ever tried a relaxing game that has some simple zen activities as desk toys replacement & will trigger a mild ecstasy coming from frontal lobe of the brain to relieve stress & you will actually feel soothing sensation in the back of your neck and head along with some tinglings. So melt away stress within minutes from your brain. Try these series of simple relaxing and soothing oddly satisfying tasks on your mobile screen that will act as an antianxiety meditation and calm your mind within minutes. The new 3D stress relief game is here with more than 20 oddly satisfying tasks which will act as a temporary nirvana antistress experience. Try this smooth and gentle journey using antistress toys for relaxation & mental repose along with satisfying and smooth cube collecting and cube crushing experiences that are wildly addicting and give ultimate anxiety relief to people with overthinking and anxiety disorders. The new addition to our oddly satisfying apps is better than the previous versions and more smooth with some relaxing sounds and brain tingling sensations using advanced zen techniques used for soothing meditation. And the relaxing music is not to be ignored for nirvana, one of the best game to calm you down.
This satisfying game for girls and boys includes some amazing activities using satisfying 3d animations which are as follow

Satisfying soap crunching and soap cutting:
Soap crushing had never been this fun before Crush soap into small particles followed by relaxing sounds, you can also carve soap and enjoy soap cutting cubes and other satisfying soap activities.

Real Slime Simulations:
Enjoy one of the best slime making and satisfying slime mixing simulations in your mobile device with some slime triggers, also play with makeup slime and slime simulator module including poking, pressing and stretching.

Cube collector & Cube crusher:
Try these block cube collector modules that will collect cubes, crush cubes and when you will collect the cubes your mobile will vibrate in such an oddly satisfying way that you won’t be able to resist this highly addictive cube collecting module with more than 3 kinds of game play. The cube crusher is equally satisfying and highly addictive for ultimate satisfaction make as many blocks collapse and collect the blocks in the hole.

Antistress Relaxation Toys:
Try these best antistress relaxation toys including Japanese stress ball, squishy balls and other squish toys that will melt the stress out of you. The squish sound effect is so amazing the shredding stress ball activity using the biggest collection of anti stress balls will be real fun and satisfying.

Relaxing Clay ball pressing:
Enjoy clay balls in slime and clay ball pressing & popping.

Floral Foam:
Relaxing floral foam crushing and cutting.

Crunchy Sand Cutting:
Play with most satisfying kinetic sand cutting & crunching to satisfy your inner core.

Soap carving & Cutting:
Added new soap cutting cubes activity along with soap crushing using rolling pin & carving.

Satisfying Pimple popper:
This toy pops slime out just like u pop a pimple.
Download to relax and let the stress melt away.

Added new colors & varieties in soap cutting!
Added breathing exercise for meditation!
Added satisfying wax stamp!
Added hyper causal balloon popping with vibrations!

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Version History

Launched Nov 07, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 23 days, on average.

Jan 17
Version 3.0

Added sensory push pop bubble!
Added suction pump simulation!

Jan 07
Version 2.2.6

Added drum set!
Added piano!
Added fidget cube!

Jul 29
Version 2.2.5

Added nail hit!
Improved game play!

Apr 14
Version 2.2.3

Compliance of Apple laws!

Mar 15
Version 2.2.2

Added Satisfying Lip Art!
Added Shopping frenzy with gold collection!
Added satisfying glass blowing 3d!

Mar 03
Version 1.1.17

Improve gameplay!
Bug fixes!

Feb 28
Version 1.1.16

Added Glass blow satisfying mini game!
Added slime painting!

Feb 04
Version 1.1.15

Added Satisfying Thread Cutting!
Added Brush making!
Added Orbeez slime ball coloring!

Jan 24
Version 1.1.14

Improve Drums Sound!
Added More Sopa cutting!
Improve gameplay!

Jan 17
Version 1.1.13

Added ASMR ethereal drum with mystical sounds!
Added Bubble wand with ASMR triggers!
Optimized game play sfor a smoother experience!

Jan 09
Version 1.1.2

Added new colors & varieties in soap cutting!
Added breathing exercise for meditation!
Added satisfying wax stamp!
Added hyper causal balloon popping with ASMR vibrations!

Dec 31
Version 1.1.1

Added 4 types of new soaps in soap cutting!
Added more items in hydraulic press!
Added ASMR vibrations!

Dec 20
Version 1.0.9

Added new 1000 degree hydraulic press activity including candles pressing, orb balls pressing and slime pressing!
Added ASMR decoration with beads!
Added glitter bomb vs thief activity!
Added satisfying smoke rings!

Dec 13
Version 1.0.8

Added hydraulic press experimentation!
Added 3 new squish balls & 2 stress balls!
Added new slime stretching module!

Dec 03
Version 1.0.7

Added 15 slime skins!
Improved game play more!

Nov 30
Version 1.0.6

Added makeup slime & new slime poking!
Added more ASMR vibrations and optimized game play!

Nov 26
Version 1.0.5

Added amazing ball slime popping activity!
Added a new soap cutting activity!

Nov 20
Version 1.0.2

Added Soap Cutting
Added Fidget spinner!
fixed some bugs and Improved game play.

Nov 14
Version 1.0.1

Add new levels and more satisfying activities.
Improve gameplay and performance.

Nov 07
Version 1.0

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