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◆◆◆ The first ever Financial Safety Membership ◆◆◆
• Exclusive access to simple yet powerful financial tools
• Instant, emergency loans starting at $200
• Earn higher limits and rewards the longer you’re a member

Membership costs $9.99/month. No credit check. No hidden fees.

Don’t miss out. Build peace of mind today.

Our mission is to make financial wellness accessible to everyone and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Quo is an easier, better way to budget
• No more weekly or monthly limits
• Assign each dollar a bucket, and know exactly how much you have to spend
• Adjust or reset your plan whenever you need to keep up with real life
• Quickly link external accounts to see all your finances in one place
• Friends paying you back for dinner? Adjust your transactions for reimbursements
• Split your transactions into multiple categories

Quo protects you against unexpected expenses
• Get instant access to low-interest loans with your Quo Card
• Say no to predatory credit. Enjoy single-digit APRs, 6 month loan terms, and no hidden fees.
• Build higher limits with credit boosts every month you don’t borrow
• Build your credit by paying your Quo loan on time
• No credit check, no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties!

Coming Soon
• Monitor and get actionable insights on your credit score
• Get personalized product recommendations for whatever you need
• Even more flexibility and customizability in our planning tools
• Contact our support if you have requests!

We take your security and data very seriously.
Your information and data are protected by multi-level safeguards. All of your data is secured with the same 256-bit encryption that banks use. We never sell any of your personal information to unauthorized third parties.

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Version History

Launched Jul 09, 2020 (3 months ago).
Jul 21
Version 1.2.2

More bug fixes and improvements!

Jul 13
Version 1.2.1

Bug fixes and improvements!

Jul 10
Version 1.2.0